Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Dish is “Tuned In To You”

DISH just unveiled it’s  new “Tuned In To You” brand promise. This is a company-wide initiative focused on confronting low pay-TV customer satisfaction by listening in an industry that does not. They's listened to what their customers has to say, and made some improvements that are sure to please everyone. Phase one of their their plan of action is the "Spokeslistener™” campaign.

The Spokeslistener is here to let you now that someone really is listening to what you have to say. He challenges the traditional spokesperson convention commonly used in television advertisements. It  illustrates the common frustrations experienced by pay-TV customers, but with a little humor mixed in. With your help, DISH is hoping to make your viewing experience even better!

This is just one more way that DISH provides the best in entertainment for the whole family. They always put their customers first.  For more information or to learn about their packages, visit Dish.com or visit the DISH blog Also be sure to follow them on face book and twitter.