Sunday, January 15, 2017

Time to Shake Up Your Beauty Routine with Humble's All Natural Deodorant.


Grocery store antiperspirants have become the most common solution to bromhidrosis, or what most of us affectionately refer to as B.O. We smear these sticks of who-knows-what on our bodies day in and day out, often unaware of the havoc they may be wreaking internally. You see, most antiperspirants out there contain chemicals like aluminum chloride and parabens that have potential links to breast cancer, lymph node cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and liver disease. The American Journal of Public Health published a report showing that on average, 64% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our body and some studies show nearly 100% of what we put on our armpits is absorbed into our body. Where does it go after being absorbed? Right into your bloodstream. We think this stinks pretty badly.
After countless concoctions and tests, he finally created a product that works. Humble contains four to five organic and all-natural ingredients that you can pronounce (and might, in fact, have in your own kitchen). Humble is both effective and safe, containing no aluminum or parabens while still keeping you dry and free of offensive odors. We take the care to manufacture our deodorant in small batches right here in America. With the fewest ingredients of any deodorant on the market, Humble is the simple solution to a stinky problem.

My Thoughts: 

Ever since I started reading about the dangers of store bought antiperspirants, I have been on the search for a good alternative. Going through the aisles of my local supermarkets and drug stores, almost no all natural brands were being sold. I was extremely surprised by this. After trying one I did come across a few months ago, I ended up breaking out in a horrible rash. I was left disappointed. I knew there had to be a brand that worked somewhere. 

When I heard about Humble's products, I was thrilled to give them a try. A completely natural, cruelty free line of deodorants with ingredients I actually recognized? Count me in!  

Humble has created three signature products in their deodorant line: Essential Cedarwood, Essential Lavender, and Simply Unscented. All are created using Organic Cornstarch, Organic Bees Wax, All-Natural Baking Soda, Organic Olive Oil, and Organic Essential Oil (Scented products only). Upon opening them they smelled fantastic! I loved the relaxing smell of Lavender. The Cedarwood was an nice uplifting woodsy scent. Although the Simply Unscented did not have essential oils in it, it had a very light clay type fragrance. It was nice! 

I tried each one for an extended period of time to know how they worked in terms of longevity and wearing power. Each had a nice thick consistency. The application was a little chunky, but that was easy to solve. If you take a paper towel and wipe off any excess you will be fine. They dry pretty quickly after applying and are not sticky or uncomfortable. The Cedarwood and Lavender left a nice scent after application. Each one lasted a different amount of time for me, but all three did indeed last! Another plus, none of them irritated my skin. 

The one that gave me the longest lasting performance was the Essential Cedarwood. I absolutely love this one. It worked all day long for me and still smelled fresh before bed. No matter how much I sweated after a long day of running around, it stayed put. I was amazed! 

Essential Lavender lasted almost as long, but the smell was close to being gone by the time I was ready to go to sleep. Simply Unscented needed an extra application after a few hours, but it is still a wonderful pick for those who are sensitive to essential oils or are not looking for a scented deodorant. Each did leave a slight residue on my clothes, but again, if you take a paper towel to remove any excess product before putting on your clothes, that should reduce any marks. It is easy to fix.  

If you are looking for an all natural deodorant option, Humble's products are for you! These are wonderful products that are long lasting, wonderful smelling, and just as effective as store bought (if not more)! Thank you Humble for providing me with my new go to products! 

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