Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Lion Guard: Life In The Pride Lands

Rough, tough and roarin’ to go, your favorite heroes are back for more epic adventures in The Lion Guard, the animated series that continues the storytelling of Disney's The Lion King.

Join Kion and his diverse group of friends as they celebrate unity within the Circle of Life and protect the Pride Lands in five action-packed episodes also featuring Simba, the spirit of Mufasa and the hilarious antics of Timon and Pumbaa.  You’ll go wild for all the ferocious fun, because whether the Lion Guard team is tracking a rogue leopard, foiling tricky jackals or facing stubborn crocodiles, Life In The Pride Lands is always “hevi kabisa” – totally intense!

My Thoughts

The Lion Guard introduces us to the next generation of the Lion King. Kion is the second-born cub of Simba. He is tasked with leading the Lion Guard. This team of heroes are the animals who protect the Pride Lands.  Lots of new characters are introduced to work with Kion including a badger named Bunga, a cheetah named Fuli, and a hippo named Beshte. and a bird named Ono. This mismatched band of heroes prove that anything is possible with teamwork. Even though Simba at first disagrees with the idea of non-lions being int he guard, Kion and his friends prove they have what it takes when they fight off the predators threatening their land. This series picks up with the movie left off and brings us five exciting episodes, 2 music videos, and some bonus shorts. They include: 

The Rise of Makuu
The Kupatana Celebration
Bunga & the King
Never Roar Again
The Imaginary  Okapi

2 Music Videos
6 Shorts: "It's Un-Bunga-Believable"

This is a wonderful series that my children really enjoyed. It's fun to see the old favorites mixed in with the new characters.  I love how  Kion works to overturn stereotypes and prove that anyone can be a hero.  This DVD also includes a cute wristbands which are a great bonus. We're looking forward to seeing what the next season brings.