Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Save Money on Your Prescriptions with searchRx App

The price of medications seems to rise every month. For families on a budget, trying to pay for their prescriptions can present a challenge.  You shouldn't have to choose between family movie night and your prescriptions. Now, thanks to searchRx, you don't have to. They will help you find the best price for your prescriptions at a pharmacy right in your own home town.

Using the searchRx app is fast, easy, and convenient. Once it's downloaded, you simply enter in the name of the medication.  The app will bring up a list of various pharmacies in your area and the prices they charge for those prescriptions. This allows you to see a side by side comparison.  SearchRx actually gives you coupons that you can show to your pharmacist that allow you to save money without any hassel at all. 

What's great about this app, is that it helps you get the best price locally. I've been tempted to order some prescriptions online, but I worry they will be damaged in shipping or take too long to get here. And let's face it, some of the websites out there can be kind of shady.  This way, I am still using the pharmacies I know and trust, just guaranteeing I get the best possible price!

The searchRX app is available both at the iTunes store and on Google Play. Or you can enter in your cell phone number here and they will send over the link to download. It's free to use and compatible with most devices. It only takes a few seconds to use this handy app, but doing so could save you a fortune in the long term!