Sunday, January 1, 2017

Meal Time Box - Fresh Meals Delivered Right to Your Door

I hate cooking. It's no exaggeration. I literally hate it. This is probably why I keep marrying chefs. I was married to two of them, you know, and actually dated a few more over the years. Unfortunately, I'm between chefs right now, and while my teen daughter is studying to be a chef herself, she isn't always home. The days that I have to make dinner for my kids are not fun. I hate to admit how often I order a pizza or stop at McDonalds. When the kids aren't home for a meal, I will eat whatever I have that takes no prep. That can include lots of raw veggies and fruit, so it's not only junk food, but sometimes I do crave a real meal that I know I'm too lazy to make. Meal Time Box was a dream come true for me. This amazing subscription service sends you delicious pre-cooked meals right to your door. Just put them in the microwave for two minutes and you have a complete, hot meal with all the food groups you need for a balanced diet.

Just to be clear, this is REAL food. These aren't like the frozen dinners that you'll find in the grocery aisle which are probably pumped out by a machine and filled with perspectives. These are gourmet meals prepared by a real chef . (Hmmm, I wonder if he's single...) Pretty much the minute they are pulled from the oven, they are frozen and packed up to ship. They arrive in a big box filled with dry ice to keep it fresh when along the way. If you are familiar with the idea of meal prep (preparing meals in advance and freezing them), this is along those lines. Only thing is, you have nothing to prep. You just heat it and eat it. As an added bonus, they often toss in some bonus desserts. I received two delicious s'more brownies.

I was able to try out  five of  Meal Time Box's delicious meals and each one was better than the next. They have an extensive menu with many different dishes that you can serve up for dinner.  They have a rotating menu, so things never get old. Some of the meals I tried included Beef Stroganoff, Chicken Broccoli Casserole, Herb & Garlic Chicken, Pernil Al Horno, and Roast Pork. You'll see the pictures spread throughout this post, and they all tasted even better than they look. They also usually come with delicious side dishes. Every one is a good size serving that leaves me feeling full and satisfied. Most I was able to share with my son and there was enough for both of us.

While I can't order these all the time since it would be too pricey for my whole family, they are perfect for the days when it's just me. My oldest daughter who is sixteen also took one to work with her. She was working the night shift, and she was excited to have a real dinner instead of a hoagie or a frozen dinner that tasted like cardboard. As I said, she's in culinary school, so she appreciates a good meal more than the average teen, and she thought these were fantastic.

When it comes to the prices, they are actually really reasonable. Five meals run just under $100. Or you can opt for larger plans.  When you think about how much you would pay for all the ingredients if you tried to cook these fancy dinners yourself, you're coming out way ahead. I'm telling you, once all my kids move out, I may just order these every week and never go to the grocery store again.

Oh, and one last HUGE advantage to Meal Time Box...NO clean up! No greasy pots to scrub. No dishes to scrap. No leftovers to pack up and most likely toss in the trash two weeks later when you're no longer sure what it is. Just delicious meals with no effort on your part whatsoever. Except for the three seconds it takes to sign up.

So what are you waiting more. Join Meal Time Box  now and get REAL food that will leave both your belly and your wallet feeling satisfied. Plus, free up a little time to spend with family and friends! It's a win-win no matter how you look at it. To see all Meal Time Box has to offer, be sure to visit their website or follow them on social media.

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