Thursday, January 19, 2017

2017 Gift Guide Edition: New Year Frames for the Family

It’s a New Year and we’re all full. Christmas has come and gone and we’ve emerged into 2017 with feelings of contentment and desire for a prosperous year ahead. There are however a few things that you might still want to purchase now that you’ve waited out the frenzy of Christmas sales. Discover New Year deals on designer eyewear for the family below.

The lovable little brother
He might be thirteen, he might think he's too cool for school already. He might even believe he has his own style, but let's face it – every trembling teenager needs a nudge in the right direction occasionally. If your little brother refuses to be the adorable baby boy you know he really is, there is no reason why he shouldn't breathe the aura of coolness that comes with being your sibling. Just be careful you don't get something too big for his face; oversized frames on undersized faces are a fashion fail to stay clear of.

Ray-Ban Junior RY 1531

Older sister
This one can be a little tricky, since she thinks there's no possible way her younger sibling has more style than she does. She’s trend-sensitive so a fashionable brand is a must..    For autumn and winter trends, these thin-squared frames from Celine are a must have for any sister.

Celine C141346 Thin Squared M23

Spoil your Dad this year with a pair of trendy frames. Here we should go for the classic, the subtle and the masculine. Oakley has never really stopped being cool, the perfect blend of practical yet on trend for this season.

Oakley OX8077 Splinter

I know it's not okay to say this out loud, but isn't mom secretly everyone's favourite family member? The thing to remember here is that inside every woman, no matter her age or her current lifestyle, there is a glamorous diva, a breathtaking superstar, yearning to burst out. Your mother, even if she rarely admits or expresses it, is ready and willing to absolutely slay it fashionwise, so let's all be style enablers this year. Go for that high fashion look, imagine something straight from the runway and you'll be surprised by how well it works.

Fendi FF 0088 Galassia

Unless you're blessed with one of those unusually fashionable granddads, it might be hard for you to imagine how absolutely rad your grandfather was at one time. After he's unwrapped those aviators you bought for him, and understood that they're still absolutely flaming, he'll basically never take them off. Just don't make it too obvious that you know how much he's enjoying his new look.

Cazal 7032 002

Look, I'm not saying that your grandma isn't amazing and all that, but here we might want to calm down a little bit and settle for something slightly more practical. Your grandmother is going to need a pair of reading glasses for story time with little ones (alright, pardon my stereotyping, but you know it's true). These are some of our most comfortable models.

Prada PR55SV Cinema

Adventurous uncle
He's the kind of guy who always has a new story to tell. Remember when he went white water rafting in Alaska? Or that time when he climbed Aconcagua? Well, this winter he's obviously going skiing in Aspen, and he'll need goggles. "But I don't know anything about ski goggles", you might say. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Smith Vice VC6BKMC16