Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Spread the Happy with Nutella #SpreadtheHappy

Nutella knows that the spirit of the holiday season isn't about getting fancy gifts. It's about spreading joy. With that thought in mind, they have created a series of videos to show you some amazing people who "Spread the Happy" in the most touching ways. It's the little things that mean the most, and these videos prove just that. I dare you to watch one without breaking into a smile or getting a little teary eyed.

 In the first video, a little girl in Brooklyn spreads a little happiness by handing out cupcakes to her local garage collector.

The next video brings us a pop band made up of four siblings who are spreading the love with their music. This is my personal favorite because my own brother is a pop singer.

 In the third video we meet  Marty and Seon Burbank.. This delightful duo invested their own money to help a kindergarten class.  That is really paying it forward!  

Last but not least, get to know Mr. Nelson and Mr. Joyner. These inspiring men run a local youth group that teaches kids how rewarding it can be to do some good and spread the happy.

If any of these videos made you smile, don't keep those good feelings to yourself! Hit the share button, and "Spread the Happy" with the the people you care about. The last few months there has been way too much negativity on social media. It's time to change that.  Let's make happiness go viral this holiday season.