Tuesday, December 13, 2016

PAW5 Rock N Bowl for Dogs

The PAW5 Rock 'N Bowl is a great way to turn meal time into an enriching and rewarding challenge for your dog! What looks like a standard bowl is actually a unique puzzle feeder that will have your dog thinking, problem solving and having fun all at once. By adding environmental enrichment to mealtime, you turn a routine part of the day into a fun brainteaser. With our Simply Challenging design, just pour food directly into the top (as easy as a normal bowl), the food runs through a hidden compartment, and your dog has to paw, nudge, and play her way through mealtime (that’s the challenging part!).

Make mealtime fun for your dog with PAW5's food puzzle! Every dog needs enrichment, and our easy-to-fill design makes it simple. Proudly made in the USA!

Our Thoughts

We have an 11 month old Australian Cattle Dog (ACD). Being that she is an ACD she is highly intelligent and is in constant need of being challenged. When she's not challenged or given a job to do, she gets bored. When she gets bored, it spells bad news for us since she chews, digs, or otherwise gets into mischief that I'd rather she not be in. However, she is also the only dog that I've ever had that can be left with a full bowl of food constantly and not gorge herself. 

When I saw the Rock N Bowl from PAW5 I immediately knew that she'd love the bowl because it would challenge her and it would allow her to still have a full bowl of food (it holds up to 4 cups!) available to her. The day the bowl came, I opened it and started to figure it out. The paw print top pulls out easily and you can insert the food that way or you can leave the paw print on and pour the food through the top and the food will work down into the bottom. My ACD immediately figured out what she needed to do to get the food out. She worked with her paws and her nose to rock the bowl which knocked some kibbles of food out for her. This kept her busy for a while which was nice. Since she's figured it out we no longer use it for her daily food but for bigger treats when she is left alone for longer periods of time while we are at work. 

Our ACD loves this bowl and so do we! What makes us love the bowl is that it's easy to take apart and clean. I love that it is BPA-free and Phthalate-free but what I love more is that it is dishwasher safe so I can throw it in and not have to hand wash it wondering if I got it clean enough. 

You can find this bowl at the PAW5 website. This is the perfect bowl for the dog that needs to be challenged or the dog that needs to slow down when they eat! You can also check out their other product Wolly the Snuffle Mat which looks pretty cool!  You can follow PAW5 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, too!