Monday, December 5, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide - Review: RaesWear

Go Hands Free!

While on business, Leigh Cockram struggled with the lack of a safe and comfortable storage spot for her numerous personal items (hotel key, ID, money, iphone) on her run. Inspired to create a solution, Leigh imagined a 360 degree waistband storage pocket with front and back openings for easy access. She spent the next two years designing the concept, testing fabrics and finally patenting the ultimate Hands-Free waistband pocket.

Designed with high quality, high performance, luxuriously soft fabrics in bold prints and solids, RaesWear is a simple but brilliant hands-free clothing concept. No more ugly, bouncy fanny packs; chafing, sweaty arm bands; scratchy zippered pockets; or, worse, hiding items before a run/race.

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My favorite type of workout is walking the dog. And when you've got your hands full with the leash and the inevitable poop bag, well, you don't really have your hands free to carry anything else.  I always take at the very least (besides the bags!) a set of keys and my phone. My phone is a constant companion not for the music or texting or anything like that, but because I love to take nature photos while we walk the trails in our town and the nearby state park. 
This right here is what RaesWear is all about: the waist pockets! It even fits my iPhone 6S+ with ease.  There's a pocket in the front and a pocket in the back. Perfect for your ID, a credit card, a small set of keys, your phone, or any other small item you want to stuff in there.
I do have a couple pairs of yoga pants but hate putting anything in the side pockets because #1, it's bulky, #2, the weight of my phone in the pocket will eventually pull the waist down a bit - then I'm constantly hiking them up.
I am LOVING the pants from RaesWear - they are lightweight and very comfortable and very stretchy!  There isn't a sizing chart available on their website, so I ordered a size Small given that's pretty typical for me for athletic wear.  While they are quite form fitting in the thigh, I don't think I'd want to order a bigger pair instead because the waist is perfectly comfortable and I wouldn't want that any looser.

Here you can see the pocket opening in the front.

 And here you can see the pocket opening in the back.
Loving the fit - so comfy!!
I love the fashion aspect of these pants, too. Pair them with a tank top for more athletic endeavors, or throw on a pretty tunic for a dressier look  - the best part is that you don't need to bring a purse for the essentials thanks to the waist pockets!  RaesWear has sooo many different clothing options - I love the Skapris
I will get more use out of these pants next spring because right now, it's December in Minnesota.  LOL. The winters are pretty cold for outdoor activities, but these will be great outdoor activewear for me in warmer weather.


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