Monday, December 5, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide - Review: Get Waisted

 Be Sporty, Be Safe, Be Smart
A stylish alternative to bulky, unattractive fanny-packs and cumberson bags.

Get Waisted is perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle. With a pocket to hold a smartphone, two zippered compartments, and an outlet for easy headphone access, the belt keeps your hands free so you can focus on your exercise. The sturdy spandex keeps all your possessions in place, whether you're at the beach or lifting weights at the gym.

The Get Waisted is the perfect vacation accessory. The sleek, fashionable belt zips around your waist, and keeps all your most important possessions close to you so you always know where it is. It's so thin, you can wear it under your clothes, so you never have to sacrifice your glam. Set your mind at ease knowing that your most valuable possessions are always safely by your side with the Get Waisted -- at the beach, on the boat, or just relaxing at home.

You're a busy person, so work smarter, not harder. Keep your important things accessible at all times so you can focus on more important things. Get Waisted is manufactured with high-quality, washable spandex fabric that's strong yet lightweight, making it a perfect balance of comfort, style, and flexibility. Its durable construction means it can keep up with everything you do. Fabulous!

Offered in four colors (sea foam, turquoise, hot pink, and black) and 3 sizes.  Available at Glam Sparkle n' Glitz

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Our Thoughts
One of the reasons I'm not terribly fond of leggings is there are no pockets!  I always need pockets. I kind of wish all clothing came with pockets!

Enter the Get Waisted: You can see pretty much everything you need to see here: zipper for easy on/off, plus a pocket for the front and a pocket for the back, one of which has a grommet for the cable for your headphones.

This outfit I recently wore to a wedding reception; it's one of my favorites for being dressy, yet stretchy and comfortable for the night - a pretty floral/paisley V-neck blouse paired with a long black skirt. But it has NO POCKETS! Which means I had to drag a purse with me everywhere to hold my phone and my keys.  What you can't see in the photo above, is I'm actually wearing the Get Waisted.  It hides pretty well!

Here of course I'm showing you the Get Waisted, and how it easily pairs with the skirt for a seamless fit. 

No need to save it for a special occasion - make it work for every outfit you wear - whether you're out doing something more athletic and want a place to carry your phone and keys, or just don't want to be weighed down with a purse when you really only need the essentials - your phone, keys, ID, maybe a credit card.  And being available in four very pretty colors, you can add a nice pop of color to any outfit.

When the weather turns warmer (and I won't be wearing a big coat! I mean, it is cold here in Minnesota during the winter. LOL.) the Get Waisted will come in very handy for my walks with the dog - I always have at least my phone and keys on me.  We walk the nature trails in town and the nearby state park; one of my hobbies is taking nature photos so having a good safe place to put my phone with easy access when I want it is a plus.