Monday, December 19, 2016

40% off on XNSPY subscriptions #discount

Giveaway: 40% off on XNSPY subscriptions
If you missed the thanksgiving discount on XNSPY spy app, you still have time, as XNSPY is giving a limited post-Thanksgiving discount.

What is XNSPY?
XNSPY is an undetectable text spy app used for spying on text messages and other phone logs off a monitored device. Because the app works discreetly on a device, it has different pros and cons that you should look into. For instance, parents who are worried about their kids’ excessively outgoing behavior could resort to XNSPY to have complete knowledge about their whereabouts. Conversely, the app could also lead to some far-reaching consequences when your kids get to to know that you have been secretively monitoring their device activity.

However, the app has a great all-around potential. You can use XNSPY to spy on our kids’ online and offline activities or you could use it as an employee monitoring tool. But if these uses don’t excite you, then you might want to look into the spouse spying capabilities on this app. However, you must know that XNSPY is a legal app and can only be used on devices that are under your ownership.

Mobile Spying with XNSPY—What Are the Benefits
Apart from the aforementioned, XNSPY could be used to take care of a lot of things, like:

  • You can use this to protect your kids against cyberbullying. By keeping close tabs on your kids’ socializing behavior, you could help them learn the safe online posting and commenting hacks. XNSPY can allow you to spy on others’ Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, Line, Skype, and Kik and Tinder. So if you want to protect your kids against the brutality of others’ negative and hateful comments, XNSPY is the key.
  • You can know who your kids are befriending on social networks. This a famous technique for online predators to catfish on young people by pretending to be someone that they aren’t. Catfishing is a pervasive internet danger that could brutally ruin your physical and mental health; so be very watchful of strangers lurking around your kids’ digital screens.
  • You can monitor others’ outdoor activity. This includes their real-time GPS location along with location stamps for every place they visit. So if you have XnSpy on your child’s cell phone, you could know if they sneak out at night, or if they go to a pub or disco. Other than real-time location monitoring, you could also view the location history of the monitored individuals.
  • You can use XNSPY to monitor phone call logs of your kids. Also, you can intercept that calls that they are making and listen to them anytime later. Likewise, you can also track text messages, emails, and phonebook entries.

XNSPY: An Employee Monitoring Tool?
Because smartphone abuse is an issue that resides in our offices too, Xnspy could be used to monitor and measure employees’ cell phone use. So if you fear that your employees are excessively clung to their devices during work, causing distractions and productivity shortfalls, xnspy could be the solution that you need right now.
There are different ways managers can determine the cell phone activity of their 
  • By accessing the phone logs and call durations, managers could easily determine how much time a certain employee has spent making calls and how much of that time was expended on non-work related 
  • Business owners can also limit the use of WhatsApp, Skype calls or Facebook browsing of their staff that have nothing to do with the office work.

The Post-Thanksgiving Discount
Smartphone monitoring isn’t an ephemeral trend; it’s going to stay for as long as we have smartphones in our palms. In fact, the issue of cell phone abuse and privacy-related anomalies is expected to exacerbate in the near future. If you haven’t tried any monitoring software before, XnSPY is giving you the perfect opportunity to get started at a minimal subscription fee. For a limited time, you can avail a discount of 40 percent on all XNSPY subscriptions. Here are the details of the tariffs:

XNSPY Basic (Android and iOS)
Yearly: $99.99 (8.33/month)
Quarterly: $69.99 ($23.33/month)
Monthly: $49.99/month
XNSPY Premium (Android and iOS)
Yearly: $149.99 (12.49/month)
Quarterly: $99.99 ($33.33/month)
Monthly: $59.99/month

iCloud edition
Yearly: $99.99 (8.33/month)
Quarterly: $69.99 ($23.33/month)
Monthly: $49.99/month                          
Use the code XNW48 to get a discount on the aforementioned subscription rates.
A Word On XNSPY and Smartphone Monitoring
XNSPY is an undetectable text spy app, which means you can use it without notifying the target person. While this can come in very handy for spying onto someone’s smartphone, you could also end up with legal consequences in the case of monitoring your employees. And even though that you might be allowed to monitor your minors without taking their consent, you should never do that to damage the parent-child relationship.


Hanna said...

Has anyone here tried the app before? I've tried a couple of others but they weren't exactly undetectable. So, I'd be glad to know if someone actually tried it.

Jessica said...

Hey, yes sure it works in stealth mode throughout its use.

Adam said...

Okay, my kid is a tech-savvy teenager, so he succeeded in detecting previous apps, which is why I need something that can go unnoticed while I keep a strict eye on him.

Patrica said...

Hi, I've tried it and am still using it since two years. It's always safe to use and if you avail the coupon offer, you get to save a lot. It helps me track employees remotely and I can vouch that it actually is undetectable.

Benjmin Beck said...

Can I use it to monitor a Lollipop, Android 5.0-5.1?

Bridgtt said...

Yes, it can, I'd recommend that you ask the customer service about all your concerns. They are always available and helpful. From my experience, it works on Android OS versions 2.3.x, 3.x., 4.x, 5.x, and 6.x.

Dung Maurice said...

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Elsa Lyons said...

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Sarah Jang said...

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