Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Perfect Holiday Gift- Fitness with a Twist!

The holiday season is approaching and shortly after people start thinking about next year’s fitness resolutions. Why not get a present this year that will be ready for you at home when January 1st rolls around the corner? That’s where the Simply Fit Board® comes in.

The Simply Fit Board is an exercise board that engages core muscles to improve strength and balance, while offering an easy and effective workout. Lori Greiner, TV personality and investor on ABC’s hit entrepreneurial series, “Shark Tank” has partnered with the Simply Fit Board.

My Thoughts:

The Simply Fit Board was something I was a little skeptical about, but certainly interested in trying out. My core reason for doing so was to see if it would help me improve my balance, while also helping to strengthen my muscles. My fear was that it may not be sturdy enough for me to keep myself up on however since my balance is not that great.

When my board arrived I was very excited to give it a try. I got mine in Magenta. The board was lightweight and easy to move around my home. It keeps itself sturdy in the middle and has dots on the sides where you can place your feet. When I began to give it a try, I was surprised how well I was able to stand and maintain my balance right away. It took me second to get the correct placement of my feet in a position where I felt balanced. However, when I got it, the board was completely steady. It was very easy to move it back and fourth. Within minutes, I could feel my leg and core muscles getting a workout. This board certainly does the trick.

The more I started the using the Simply Fit Board, the less I would lose my footing. I never once got hurt or fell completely while using the product. When I would lose my footing in the beginning stages of use, the board would just bend to one side. I preferred using it on carpet personally. As I started getting more accustomed to my perfect foot placement, I incorporated arm workouts too as I twisted the board.

I have seen a difference in my balance which has made me ecstatic. Improvement has also been seen in my thigh, leg, and core muscles. This is such a fun and hassle free way to get a full body workout right in your own home. It's nice to be able to watch TV, a movie, or relax and still exercise. Plus, a workout DVD is included with your board! It's perfect for someone like me who is a working college student on the go. I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for a nice and fun way to workout right in your home without any sort of hassle.

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