Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: Wholetones Christmas

The Healing Holiday Music No Home Should Be Without

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Our Thoughts
I like to think I am an open-minded skeptic.  I figured, if nothing else, the Wholetones music should be, at the very least, a pleasant listening experience to some pretty music.  At the time I was just getting over a sinus issue so still had a bit of a stuffed up nose - nothing I couldn't deal with.  The very first time I listened to the Wholetones music samples provided on their website (cranked up with the speakers in front of me) - within a minute or two my sinuses began to drain.  And drain.  And drain.  They drained for two days with me saying, "what the heck?"  . . . I gotta give them credit, it's like their music helped the remainder of that sinus issue go away.

So of course, I was looking forward to reviewing their CD.  Wholetones sent me their Christmas (Vol. 1), which offers 7 songs at various frequencies, as well as a DVD of the making of the Christmas CD.

Song List:
396Hz ~ Little Drummer Boy
417Hz ~ I Saw Three Ships
444Hz ~ O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
528Hz ~ Carol of the Bells
639Hz ~ Angels We Have Heard on High
741Hz ~ Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
852Hz ~ Joy To The World

The accompanying DVD talks about each musician and the making of each song.  I did like that at the end of the DVD they talk about how the holidays can be filled with family stresses & tensions, and how they hope their music will help make the holidays more enjoyable for all.

While the Christmas music was quite nice, I do think it's important to note that I did not experience any of the physical effects that I did with their original music (and for that, I wish I could purchase just the DVD and not have to buy it in a set with a book).  I think my favorite holiday tune - not just on the CD, but overall, is Carol of the Bells, and I like it done a certain way.  For my taste, the Wholetones Christmas music CD is done a little too modern with electric guitar - I'm more of a fan of the old style music, something you'd hear back in the earlier centuries. I ended up giving the Christmas (Vol. 1) to my mom, who loves it and I know she'll listen to it over and over and enjoy it each time.

The Wholetones website is filled with testimonial after testimonial, as well as Michael's story of how Wholetones came about and the Key of David.  They do have a great guarantee - if your Wholetones CD gets scratched up - no matter how it happens, you just have to mail them your scratched CD; they'll send you a new one if you cover the return shipping which it typically quite low.