Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: UE Megaboom

What is the UE Megaboom?
The UE Megaboom is a 360 degree speaker that boasts a loud and quality sound. Waterproof and light you can grab and go just about anywhere without worry. Both for Google Voice and Siri you only need to be within 100 ft of your speaker to access all your favorite music right from your phone! A 20 hour battery life and a fast micro USB charging, you don't have to be without your favorite music ever again!

Our Thoughts:
I was impressed with this speaker the moment I opened it! The hard case it came in offered unparalleled protection and I don't know that I would store the Megaboom without it. Sleek and round, the case offers storage for everything you need from the speaker itself to the charging adapters, and isn't bulky or cumbersome.

I was leery though, of the sound quality of the speaker, given that most of the wireless ones I've encountered in the past weren't all they said they were. I was never so wrong! We set this up outside and walked about 200 yards out and was able to still hear this little power house clearly. Even on the loudest setting, which is loud, the bass isn't distorted and there's not a single sound to make you think the speaker won't hold up to the test.

The app is super easy to use, and has multi-functions. You can add people for a block party (they can play their music as well), and the only thing they need is the app to connect, or connect two Megabooms together for an even more incredible sound experience. We have never had more fun as a family listening to music or our projection screen outside than we have since this has entered our lives.

I haven't been brave enough to drop it in the water, but I am sure it will stand up to the test! It has been dropped, and hasn't had a single issue. I am really happy with the quality and the sound this light weight speaker offers. At $299.99 you want your investment to work properly and for the long haul. I have no doubt that this is the one that will take you that far and then some! I am a life long fan now, and will definitely buy one to replace this one, IF it should ever need it.

If you're intersted in learning more about Logitech's Ultimate Ears Megaboom speaker follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube and visit their website Here to purchasing instructions and specs.