Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide- Rabbit Hutch from Schleich

Rabbit Hutch – The adorable rabbits are enjoying stretching their legs in the run, and hopping around happily. At night, they sleep in a large, cozy hutch that keeps them safe from the wind and weather. $24.99; Ages 3-8

My Thoughts 

My daughter has been asking for a bunny for months now, but with three cats and a dog, I wasn't about to bring another pet into the house. The Rabbit Hutch from Schleich was the perfect solution. It's all the fun of a real rabbit without any messy cleanup. This little set comes with everything you need to keep your play bunny happy.

My daughter has always loved this type of play set, and she thought this one was above par. The pieces are all really well made and detailed, and she just loved all the little accessories that were included like food, a bowl, pens, and a fence.  There are actually three bunnies. Two are attached to the bowl and are more for background decor, and one larger stand-alone bunny.  The only quibble she had was that the human action figure isn't well-proportioned compared to the main bunny.  If they were life size, the bunny would be about the size of a Saint Bernard. LOL  Regardless of this, my daughter had a ton of fun with this little play set.  Like all the toys from Schleich, it's high quality and really helps imagination soar. It's a great choice for a gift for any animal lover this holiday season.