Saturday, October 22, 2016

Royal Treasure Chest - A Vintage Subscription Box

The Royal Treasure Chest is a new monthly subscription box service that sends you three genuine vintage items each month.  I love the idea of a subscription box like this. Vintage items are a favorite of mine for two reasons. First, I love holding something in my hand that has some history behind it. I wonder who had it before, where they wore it, how they used it. Would they be happy to know their treasure was  being cared for?  I also love vintage items because I believe in reusing things when ever possible. Plus, vintage items are always a better quality than the stuff they make today anyway.

Getting some surprise vintage items sounded like a lot of fun, and I was super excited to be able to try out this service. My box arrived the other day. It was beautiful packaged with each item either individually wrapped or placed in an organza bag. Here is a little about each of the items in my package.

Mythology by Edit Hamilton - I just love old books. I love the way they smell, and the feel of them in my hands. The way things are going, vintage books may be the only type left since new books are turning to digital copies.  This one was printed in 1942 and is a re-telling of Greek mythology, one of my favorite genres. One of the things I love about older books is that they often include real artwork inside. This one has depictions of the Greek gods. This is a welcome addition to my extensive library.

Scarf- This scarf has the perfect color scheme for fall. It's made from real silk, and has a lovely, intricate design. I'm not sure what year it's from, but  I would guess the sixties. 

Necklace- This lovely piece is strung with polished wood and delicate beads. I would guess this necklace is from the seventies. It looks just like one my mom wore back then.

Bonus Hankie - I also had a little  bonus item in my box --an adorable purple and white hankie. I haven't seen a hanky since my grandmother passed away. This was a wonderful surprise!

The Royal Treasure Chest  has eight different categories to choose from including books, nick knacks, jewelry, cuff-links, paper ephemera, ladies accessories and gentlemen's accessories. They also have a "surprise me" option.  The really fun thing about this box is that it will be different for everyone. There will never be any spoilers, and all the items you receive will be handpicked just for you.  You get all this for just $40 a month. You'd definitely pay more than that for three vintage items in an antique store.  If you'd like to learn more about the subscription process, be sure to visit their website.

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