Monday, October 3, 2016

DVD Review: Winter the Complete Series

From the producers of A Place to Call Home, Winter: The Complete Series makes its DVD Debut on October 4, 2016 from Acorn, an RLJ Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ: RLJE) brand. Rebecca Gibney (Packed to the Rafters) stars as Detective Eve Winter in this release that includes the TV film The Killing Field and the follow up 6- episode series Winter. In The Killing Field, a teenager goes missing in the small country town of Mingara. An extensive search uncovers the corpses of five dead women in a field. Is Becky still alive or has she been taken by the same killer?

In Winter, when a young mother is killed, federal policeman Jake Harris (Matt Nable, Arrow) turns up wanting to know if her death could be connected to a similar homicide—but he isn’t keen to share details with Eve about his case or his star witness. Meanwhile, Lachlan McKenzie (Peter O’Brien, Underbelly, Queer as Folk) is running a parallel investigation into his own cold case, another murder in the same coastal town eight years ago. Liam McIntyre (Spartacus), Antonia Prebble (ANZAC Girls), and Akos Armont (Janet King) also star. This DVD 2-disc set includes a feature-length pilot and 6-episode series ($49.99, The complete series made its U.S. Premiere on Acorn TV, the premier streaming service for world-class television from Britain and beyond, in July 2016.

 After years of solving serious crimes, Detective Sergeant Eve Winter (Rebecca Gibney) has grown weary of the brutality and resigned herself to a quieter life. But when the search for a missing girl in a small Australian town uncovers five dead bodies in a field, Eve is convinced by her old partner and ex-flame, Lachlan McKenzie (Peter O’Brien) to join the case. Now drawn back into detective work, Winter next leads a task force to investigate the murder of a 23-year-old mother. The case grows more complex when a federal agent (Matt Nable) shows up with information linking the crime to the attempted murder of another young woman.

My Thoughts

Winter is a series about a a detective named Eve Winter. We start off with a full-length pilot about a teen girl who goes missing. The hunt for her leads to five dead women. We then follow Winter through several more exciting stories. The DVD includes seven episodes:

The Killing Field- A teen named Becky disappears. During the hunt for her, five bodies are found in a field. Will Becky be the next victim of this apparent serial killer?

Skeletons - A young mom is killed and the case may be connected to a hit and run.

Gone Girl - The hit and run victim seems to know more about the missing mom but she claims to have lost her memory.

The Bridge - A hypnotist is called in to help the hit and run victim remember what happened.

The Inside Man - There is a leak in the department and a cop is taken down.

Blow Up -  A big secret is revealed. There are still leaks in the department and one cop is hospitalized.

Back to the Start - An action filled finale where the truth is revealed--or at least most of it.

This is an exciting DVD set, and I'm a little disappointed that it seems to be over. I would love see it come back for a few more seasons.  If you'd like to grab a copy of this amazing DVD for yourself,  you can find it on Acorn Media and Amazon.