Thursday, October 6, 2016

Check out Dr. Ken on 10/7 and Meet his Real-Life Daughter

Dr. Ken is a hilarious multi-cultural sitcom that centers around a zany doctor and his family. What makes the show truly unique is that it's inspired by actual events. Dr. Ken is technically playing himself. Though these days he's focused on his acting career, he is an actual MD and so is his real-life wife! And not only is he the star of the show, he's also the co-creator and producer!  I actually learned lots of interesting things about Dr. Ken this week. A few bloggers, including myself, had the pleasure of interviewing the comedian. We learned fun facts about Dr. Ken and his show.

One of the first things Dr. Ken was asked was how he got into acting. He told us that back in high-school, he did his first comedy act by singing "Three Times a Lady" in a talent show. He also did a little spoof on a body building act. Though he loved acting from an early age, he wasn't sure he would make it, so he still went on to pursue his medical degree. He even told us that, "One should always be in student mode." But his love of acting never faded, and eventually he landed some stellar roles in films like the Hangover before starring in his own sitcom.

We also talked a little about his family life. His wife Tran is a breast cancer survivor, and he is the father of twin daughters, one of which will be in tomorrow night's episode.  Zooey will be appearing as the next store neighbor, and may be stirring up some trouble!

About the new episode

When a neighbor girl (guest star Zooey Jeong, Ken Jeong’s real-life daughter) stands outside the kitchen window staring at Albert, Molly and D.K. try to scare her off. Meanwhile, Ken is surprised when he learns that Pat, instead of him, is asked to emcee this year’s annual Welltopia banquet; and Clark and Damona debate relationship styles as it relates to their individual partners.

You aren't going to want to miss this episode!  Dr. Ken airs Fridays at 8:30 pm ET/7:30 pm Central on ABC.Be sure to tune in so you don't miss it.