Saturday, September 3, 2016

Unwind During Back to School with Prismacolor!

Between packing lunches, carpools and after-school activities, the start of school can be just as busy for parents as it is for the kids. The good news is that there is a simple way for parents to de-stress and unwind during a hectic day – adult coloring with Prismacolor tools!

recent study published in the journal Art Therapy found that making art can significantly reduce stress-related hormones in the bodyWith the Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils and Prismacolor Premier Fine Tip Illustration Markers, it’s easy to relax and indulge your creative side as you turn dull black and white pictures into colorful works of art! 

My Thoughts

I have not colored  myself since I was young. Having kids, I have colored in their coloring books, but it was usually time spent with them. However, lately I've gotten into the new adult coloring craze. I have tons of books with elaborate mandalas and other pictures that I can color. It's really relaxing and a great way to unwind after a long day. My daughters love to join in too, and find the adult books a lot more challenging than the kids books they were used to. 

 I've been using typical colored pencils for our adult coloring books, but they did leave something to be desired. They were always a little dull, and some of the lighter colors, like yellow or sky blue, barely showed up at all. This is why I was excited to try Prismacolor. Their pencils and gel pens will take your adult coloring to new levels. Their pencils are so much more vibrant than anything else I've tried.  The colored gel pens come in handy too. I especially love them for coloring the really tiny spots that are hard to get to, even with a well-sharpened pencil.

The pencils come in a nice tin box, and there are 24 different colors to choose from. The pens had eight different shades. In addition to being perfect for adult coloring, Prismacolor is also great for any back-to-school projects. My teen daughter loves the pens for taking notes because the pretty colors help with her memory retention.  I'm thrilled with these products, and can't wait to sit down and color more often!

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