Saturday, September 3, 2016

Home Chef - Quick and Easy Meals

Sometimes the hardest part of making a delicious gourmet meal is finding all the ingredients you need. I always find tasty recipes online, but there are always one or two things I'm missing--a spice, a certain herb--and who wants to drive all the way to the grocery store with four kids to pick up one or two things? Thankfully, Home Chef makes it easy to create delicious recipes without any hassle at all. This fantastic service hand picks yummy recipes that meet your specifications, and delivers all the ingredients right to your door.

I got to try out the Home Chef subscription and it was an amazing process from start to finish. First, when you sign up, you can choose certain preferences. If you're a vegetarian or happen to be allergic to shellfish, you won't have to worry about getting items you won't eat. Once the box arrives, you'll be in for a real treat. Absolutely everything you need is included, from the meats to the condiments. I was amazed by how fresh and beautiful their produce was. There were succulent veggies and fresh meat and poultry, all delivered in a big box to my door. The box is packed with dry ice to ensure your food arrives in pristine condition.

There were ingredients for two recipes in my box. This was enough for two complete meals for two people. One of the recipes was Venezuelan Asada Negrow with Roasted Vegetables and Tostones. This one came with 2 Flat Iron Steaks, various vegetables, and all the seasonings you'll need. All we had to do was cut up the veggies, fry the tostones, and it was all set. It only took about thirty minutes from start to finish. It turned out fantastic. The meat practically melted in my mouth, and it was a very unique meal for me. I've always wanted to try tostones, and they were better than I imagined. 

The second meal was Tuscon Chicken. This is something I've had before, but never had the nerve to try to cook myself.  Luckily, Home Chef breaks it down into simple steps that anyone can follow. Just marinate the chicken, slice up the veggies for the kaboobs, and the hard part is done. It only took about twenty-five minutes from start to finish, but it turned out amazing. The chicken was bursting with flavor and very moist, and the fresh veggies were the perfect side dish.

Both of these meals were absolutely delicious. They recipes are easy to follow, and laid out with step by step instructions complete with illustrations so you know you're on the right track. They even tell you how many calories each meal is. By no means do you need to be a professional chef to be able to create these delicious meals at home. The best part is getting a little diversity without buying tons of ingredients you may only use once and then throw away.  It's a fun way to try new foods and add some diversity to your kitchen. 

If you'd like to learn more about Home Chef or sign up for a subscription of your own, be sure to visit their website. To keep up with new products and promotions, follow them on their social media.

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