Monday, September 12, 2016

SUSPECTS, Series 3 & 4

“Refreshing and innovative, stealing fly-on-the-wall-style filming back from spoof reality television to thrilling dramatic effect…sassy, gritty and cynical…all the acting was sterling” The Telegraph

Acorn TV’s unscripted British crime drama returns. Filmed from an eyewitness perspective with improvised dialogue, this one-of-a-kind procedural delivers an immersive, authentic look at police investigations. Detectives Martha Bellamy (Fay RipleyCold Feet, New Tricks), Jack Weston (Damien MolonyBeing Human, Ripper Street), and Charlie Steele (Clare-Hope AshiteyChildren of Men) are back to solve a series of all-new mysteries in contemporary London (DVD 2-disc, 4 eps., $49.99) Premiered and available on Acorn TV.

My Thoughts

Suspects is an exciting crime drama set in modern day London. The series primarily centers around three detectives--Jack Weston, Martha Bellamy, and Charlie Steele. Each character has their own personality which sometimes leads to conflict, but for the most part, they are a team to be reckoned with.  There are eight episodes in this two series set including: 

Series 3, Episode 1 - An art teacher is killed by a handyman...or was she. Seems she had some dirt on the principle.

Series 3, Episode 2 - A woman is pulled from the Thames who was missing two years. She is burned, but alive.  DNA tests lead to confusion and then another missing person shows up.

Series 3, Episode 3 - A petrol bomb injures a teen in his home. The attack could be the result of a love triangle. 

Series 3, Episode 4 - A young girls is killed and some drunkards  may have the only clues.

Series 4, Episode 1, AWOL - A man almost does something crazy to get help for his missing son, and the team takes on the case.

Series 4, Episode 2, Revenge - A cold case is reopened after a copy cat killing.

Series 4, Episode 3, Ricochet - A clergyman is shot in the middle of the day.

Series 4, Episode 4, Rough Justice - An old woman is attacked at home, but no one is willing to talk.

 This was a fantastic DVD set. Each episode is packed with action, and getting two seasons in one box set makes it a great deal as well! If you'd like to grab a copy of this fantastic series for yourself, it is available now on Acorn Media and on Amazon.