Thursday, September 29, 2016

Practice Your Karaoke with Just Sing for Xbox One

Ever dreamed of being a pop star? Solo like Meghan Trainor or in a musical group like One Direction  - now’s your chance! The Just Sing video game lets players sing (or lip-sync) the top hits. With the various modes available, players can create customized music videos complete with silly and fun filters, challenge friends and family to a competition to find out who’s the biggest star, and share the results to your feed. Just Sing features more than 45 songs from some of the biggest singers including Sia, Justin Bieber and Queen.

Platforms available: PS4 and Xbox One

My Thoughts
I am very particular about the video games I let my kids play. I have zero tolerance for blood and violence. I also like games that either make them think or encourage their artistic abilities. The Xbox One is my favorite game system because it encourages interactive play. It's more than just sitting on your butt pushing buttons. You have to actually get up and be a part of the game. Just Sing for Xbox One is a new game from Ubisoft that is just the type of game I am always on the look out for. It allows my children to sing along with tons of songs from all their favorite artists. It even puts their face on the screen to let them feel like they're making a video of their own.

Just Sing is rated E so its safe for  kids of any age to play.  All my children had fun singing along to all their favorite songs.  I also had a great time joining in, though I personally prefer singing show tunes The game offers full tracks, no annoying partials. You can play with up to four players so it's a great choice for family game night.  The song list includes some of the following songs:

One Direction-Drag Me Down
Imagine Dragons-Radioactive
Shawn Mendes-Stitches
Ellie Goulding-Love Me Like You Do
Justin Beiber - What Do you Mean?

These are only a few of the tracks. There are dozens of songs making for hours of entertainment. If you are interested in purchasing Just Sing for your own family, it is available now in stores nationwide. You can also order it online on Amazon.  This holiday season get your kids into the grove with the great music  from Just Sing for Xbox One or PS4.