Friday, September 16, 2016

Love Adult Coloring? Check out These Postcard Books from Thunder Bay Press

Deltiology is the study and collecting of postcards; the study of happiness is a fast-growing field in psychology.

Combine the two with these 50 postcards of optimism, joy, and gratitude, and see how much happiness you can spread! Personalize each card by coloring in the quote and surrounding design, then mail them off to friends and family. Get in touch with your inner artist, and send some smiles! 

My Thoughts

Coloring is a favorite pastime of kids everywhere. We all spent hours during our childhoods filling page after page, sometimes with iffy results. Still, we had fun and it fulfilled our creative sides. Somewhere along the way, most of us grow up and feel that coloring books are a thing that we have to set aside as we take on adult responsibilities. I am steadily racking up my stock of adult coloring books. I absolutely love them. They take you straight back to your childhood, at least for me. As a kid I would color for hours with music playing in the background and it is still something I do today. They are much better than the kids coloring books that I play with with my kids. Now they can use their age appropriate books and I an use mine! 

These books are unique because the pages  you color are postcards. With all the coloring I've been doing, I've started to rack up quite a collection of books. I like these because now I have something to do with the artwork.  After you color, you can send your picture to a friend to help brighten their day. Or send them a blank one and share the coloring fun. I think this is such a great idea, and may even bring back sending handwritten notes again!

The images inside the books  are definitely unique as well.   Each page is different and feels like its out of a dream.  The diversity of art in each of these books is amazing. There are flowers, uplifting messages, birds, balloons, and more. With so many options, there really is something for everyone.


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