Monday, September 19, 2016


"France’s answer to UK dramas like Broadchurch and The Missing" –Deadline Hollywood

When it premiered in France in 2015, Acorn TV’s critically-acclaimed, eight-part thriller was a huge ratings hit, winning its night with more than five million viewers. The series follows the disappearance of Léa, a teenage girl in inner-city Lyon, and the subsequent police investigation to find her. As more of Léa’s secrets come to light, her family wonders how well they really knew their daughter. Alix Poisson (The Returned) and Pierre-François Martin-Laval star as Léa’s parents and François-Xavier Demaison as the police commander investigating the case (2-disc set, 8 eps., $49.99). Premiered and available on Acorn TV. 

My Thoughts

The Disappearance is a series revolving around the strange disappearance of a young girl named Lea. Lea had always seemed like a good girl, but her family is learning things that make them wonder what kind of life she really led. This first season includes eight episodes:

1- Lea goes missing after right after her birthday party. 
2- Julien is questioned and secrets start to come out. 
3- Julien gets a phone call from Lea begging for help.
4- Francois is questioned but his answers only lead to more suspicion. 
5-Julien trues to track everyone who was at the birthday party.
6- A suicide and confession closes the case--or does it?
7- A pendant has caused some questions and the person who bought it is identified.
8-Molina continues his investigation of Nicholas.

This is a great series filled with surprises and suspense. If you'd like to grab a copy of this fabulous DVD for yourself, you can find it online at Acorn Media and on Amazon.


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