Saturday, September 17, 2016

Book Review: Capturing Cresselia by Alex Polan (Pokemon Stories)

Welcome to Camp Pikachu, where kids can act out adventures from their favorite Pokémon games and cartoons, battling other teams to earn points and badges and, if they’re lucky, make it into the Summer Camp Hall of Fame!

Marco, Nisha, Logan, and Maddy can’t wait to embark on their latest adventure: Pokémon Orienteering! The friends are eager to catch sight of the legendary Cresselia. So, armed with just a map and a set of clues, they strike out to explore the forest around Camp Pikachu. But when the clues lead the group straight to the shore of a nearby lake, Marco is shocked to realize that the only way to move forward is to ride a zip line across the water.

If Marco can’t find his courage with the help of his friends, his fears will keep him grounded—and his chances of seeing Cresselia’s Lunar Dance are shot. Just as Pokemon can evolve through training, can Marco get stronger through new experiences?

Longtime fans of Pokemon, or new fans of the hit app Pokemon Go, will love reading about Marco and his friends at Camp Pikachu.

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My Thoughts

I let me son review this book and then I did a quick read of it myself to get an idea what the story was about. He really enjoyed it, especially since he's a big Pokemon lover these days. It is a short chapter book and it didn't take him long to read. Being a boy, it was hard to get much feedback from him other than he liked it and he'd read more from the author and series.

I sat down with the book to get an idea what it was about. Marco was a great leading character. Of course, he isn't the only character in this book, as there is a great cast to also get to know. The book does have Pokemon in it, but there is more to it then that. The characters have to deal with real life situations and fears they may have and learn how to deal with them. I found this to be much more of a book with a message in it then I expected.

The writing was good too. It flowed well in sentence structure with realistic dialogue. The author kept my attention and didn't overly detail things. I really enjoyed this book and I'd read more as well as my son.