Friday, August 12, 2016

#ThrowBack - My Days as a Violinist

When I was in elementary school, I wasn't just in the band, I WAS the band. I started playing the violin when I was in first grade, and I was something of a natural. I could play almost any song by ear after hearing it only once. My little Catholic school  had under 100 kids, so no one else was really able to play the way I did. This meant that I had to stand up in front of the entire school at every first Friday mass and play my violin in front of everyone.  I remember getting ready with my violin tuner, carefully checking that all the strings and pegs were correctly positioned. Then the organ would start and I was the only accompaniment. It was scary the first few times, but I was a natural performer. Eventually, I went on to playing at all the masses in front of hundreds of people on Sunday. I even got paid to play at weddings when I was still only eight years old. I continued to play at my local church until I had children and had to "retire". Those were the good old days. I haven't touched a bow in many years now, but it's a nice memory to look back on.