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Relive every action-packed adventure when Power Rangers Megaforce: The Complete Season and Power Rangers Super Megaforce: The Complete Season arrive on DVD (plus Digital HD) on August 16 from Lionsgate. Five teenagers with attitude use their unique skills to battle evil and ultimately save the world in these top-rated seasons. With an ever-growing fan base, Power Rangers Megaforce: The Complete Season and Power Rangers Super Megaforce: The Complete Season are 5-disc DVD sets that will be available for the suggested retail price of $14.98 each.

Power Rangers Megaforce: The Complete Season Synopsis:
When the evil Warstar aliens plot a massive invasion of our planet, Earth’s supernatural guardian, Gosei, mobilizes a team of five extraordinary teens with the talent and attitude to oppose them: the Power Rangers Megaforce!

Power Rangers Super Megaforce: The Complete Season Synopsis:
In order to stop ruthless Prince Vekar and his massive alien Armada, the Rangers have only one hope: to unlock the special keys — and harness the amazing powers of Legendary Rangers of the past!

Year of Production:  2014
Title Copyright: TM & © 2014 SCG Power Rangers LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Type: TV on DVD
Rating: TV-Y7
Genre:Action/Adventure, Children's/Series, Fantasy, TV Series
Closed Captioned: English
Subtitles: N/A
Feature Run Time: 460 minutes each
DVD Format: 16x9 Widescreen (1.78:1)
DVD Audio: English 5.1 Dolby Digital; French and Spanish 2.0 Dolby Digital Audio

My Thoughts

 Since its premiere, Power Rangers Megaforce has delivered more action and adventure than ever before. It has an amazing story line and an epic new team of Rangers who battle a variety of evil villains. These two DVD sets includes two action packed seasons of Power rangers adventure. Here is a little breakdown.

Mega Force

1) Mega Mission
2) He Blasted Me with Science
3) Going Viral
4) Stranger Ranger
5)United we Stand
6) Harmony with Dizchord
7) Whos' Crying Now?
8) Robo Knight
9) Prince Takes Knight
10) Man & Machine
11) Ultra Power
12) Last Laugh
13) Dream Snatcher
14) Gosei Ultimate
15) The Human Factor
16) Rico the Robot
17) Staying on Track
18) The Human Condition
19) The Messenger
20) End Game
Bonus Features: Power Rangers Morph Through Twenty Years, Character Gallery, and Zord Gallery

Super Megaforce

 1) Super Megaforce
2) Earth Fights Back
3) Blue Saber Saga
4) A Lion's Alliance
5) Samurai Surprise
6) Spirit of the Tiger
7) Silver Lining
8) Silver Lining, Part 2
9) Power of Six
10) The Perfect Storm
11) Love is in the Air
12) United as One
13) The Grass is Always Greener...or Bluer
14) In the Driver's Seat
15) All Hail Prince Vekar
16) Vrak is Back Part 1
17) Vrak is Back Part 2
18) Emperor Mavro
Bonus Feature: Power Ranger: A Legacy Featurette 

There are close to twenty episodes in each set, each with a different setting and different warriors fighting for justice.  It was a totally new twist for Power Rangers, and one that has added a whole new level of excitement to a classic series. My kids are thrilled with these DVD sets. Now they have all their favorite episodes available anytime they want.  They never get tired of watching this fantastic show.


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