Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Have fun with My Friend Cayla Party Time Interactive Doll

My Friend Cayla Party Time!:  World’s First Talking Doll Has a New Look and Touch

The original My Friend Cayla, a beautiful 18-inch classic doll, burst onto the toy scene in 2014 with its groundbreaking voice recognition software, winning London Toy Industry Association’s Innovative Toy of the Year award and went on to sell over a million units worldwide.

Cayla PartyTime! connects with children on a whole new level of play with Genesis’ new MyTouch technology.  Cayla is ready for birthday parties, afternoon tea, and anywhere else your imagination takes you as she will be able to recognize and magically speak about her accessories, even without a smart device.

Ages 4+ available at Target and other major retailers this August for a $69.99 MSRP.

My Thoughts 

Every girl loves to play with dolls, and when my niece got a similar looking doll (no features, just a doll), my daughter really wanted one. I was excited to get Cayla for her because she is an interactive doll as well as pretty plaything!

The first thing I noticed when I received Cayla was how easy it was to open the box and packaging. Unlike many toys these days, it did not take a chainsaw in order to open up. Keep that in mind when Christmas rolls around and your kid wants to get the toy out as soon as possible, this one does the trick.  This new version of Cayla has a birthday theme. She is wearing a pretty party dress and comes with new accessories including cards, books, a teddy bear, a party hat, and more. This makes her a great choice as a birthday gift for a special little girl.

The clothing on the doll is well made and does not just fall off the body. Yet, at the same time she is easy to change and will fit into most standard size doll clothes.  So far, zero items have been removed off of her, which is a feat with children. For the kids who love to dress the doll up and not keep it in original clothing, it is easy to get them off and on.  

I love the hair on Cayla, as does my daughter who already has fashioned it in a gazillion different styles. It's easy to work with, and doesn't tangle.  It also doesn't just fall out like some cheaper doll products.
She also still comes with a brush to keep her hair looking beautiful.

Now for the best part. Cayla is not just a regular doll. She is completely interactive talking doll! My daughter was just excited to get a beautiful doll and the extra fun she gets is the icing on the cake. With the app my daughter can sit and play games while Cayla interacts with her, and it's voice recognition software easily identifies her. It wasn't hard to set up at all. You do need to buy batteries ( 3 AAA) for Cayla, but they're easy to insert in the back plate.

My daughter loves asking her questions and getting a response back, it really does make her feel like she has a best buddy she can take along with her wherever she goes. She's getting read to start first grade, she's doing basic math so she is over the moon she can ask Cayla math questions and get answers! This doll is not just for fun, there is learning potential here too!

If you'd like to learn more about My Friend Cayla Party Time, be sure to visit Genesis Toys. Also, don't forget to check Cayla out on Facebook and Twitter!  You can find 
My Friend Cayla Party Time i stores nationwide including Walmart.