Thursday, July 7, 2016

You Can Stop Looking- Numi Has The Perfect Gifts!

As another school year comes to a close, stand out from the gift cards and mugs with Numi Organic Tea’s latest gift items, Tea by Mood and Organic Tea Flight. These unique gifts celebrate people, planet and pure tea with an array of flavors that will delight connoisseurs and novice-tea drinkers alike, inviting the recipient to embrace their mood and sip in the moment or sample the best selection of organic teas.

The new Tea by Mood is a thoughtful gift and is the perfect introduction to the Numi Difference, which features 100% real ingredients for a cup that balances richness and nuance, allowing the pure taste of tea to shine through. It welcomes everyone to let the moment seize you, and grab a cup of tea to pair with it. This gift invites you to take a deep breath and allow your mood to inspire which type of tea you should enjoy. Each box contains five tea bags of the following eight organic and Fair Trade Certified teas and teasans (40 tea bags total!), which are hidden beneath eight perforated doors:

·         Breakfast Blend: Focus
·         Aged Earl Grey: Balance
·         Emperor’s Pu-erh: Energize
·         Jasmine Green: Reflect
·         Mate Lemon: Invigorate
·         Rooibos Chai: Inspire
·         Moroccan Mint: Refresh
·         Chamomile Lemon: Sleep

The Organic Tea Flight is packaged in a stylish, sustainable bamboo box, the Organic Tea Flight invites tea lovers of all levels to sample the best selection of organic, non-GMO and Fair Trade Certified teas. Each box includes a premium collection of black, green, and herbal teasans, making it a one-box solution for tea drawers and cabinets everywhere. The Organic Tea flight contains five of each of the following teas (45 tea bags total!):

·         Breakfast Blend
·         Aged Early Grey
·         Chocolate Pu-erh
·         Jasmine Green
·         Toasted Rice
·         Rooibos
·         Moroccan Mint

·         Dry Desert Lime

My Thoughts:

I am a huge tea lover. It is what powers me through the day and also what relaxes me at night. Picking the right tea has never been easier since trying Numi! They have a wide variety of teas to choose from. Each one of these tea combination packs are ideal! Whether you are buying for yourself, a friend, teacher, or loved one, Numi will have you in tea nirvana!

Tea by Mood is the perfect pack if you're someone (or if you know someone) who enjoys tea to raise their mood or energy level! Numi has everything from tea to help you focus, sleep, feel balanced and inspired, or energized. As someone who uses tea holistically, this was my go to for when I needed to relax, recharge, or desired a little boost in power. Each cup of tea did what it said it was going to! I was truly impressed. The teas were rich, flavorful, and you enjoyed the luxury of herbs floating in the cup to make the experience feel ever more natural and healthy. With 40 bags to go along with it, I'm ready to get through any day! It's a huge help during these summer months where I'm on the go for work from early morning to night.  

The Organic Tea Flight was such a treat! I am a huge fan of bamboo and the box was absolutely gorgeous. The artistry of it is phenomenal and it'll make the perfect storage box for the future after I enjoy the luscious teas! If you'll looking for a unique group of flavors and something to enjoy that is GMO free, Fair Trade and organic, this is the combination pack for you! Although I loved all of them, the Chocolate Pu-erh stood out to me as a chocolate lover. It was nice to enjoy the taste of the sweet treat in a healthy way. Like the teas above, you will get to enjoy a nice blend of green, black and herbal tea experiences with a variety of choices to enjoy day to day. With 45 bags in each set this is a wonderful gift for you or a loved one! 

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