Monday, July 25, 2016

Teacher Peach - Complete back-to-school "tool box" for Teachers & Kids

Whether you teach a whole classroom or home school your own children, Teacher Peach is the Awesome and Amazing Really Cool Family Tools for Back to School kit to help you succeed. You can have a selection of fun products sent out that are beneficial to both the teachers and the students. 

This box is filled with lots of fun surprises! Each one has a little note to let you know just how the product ties into your day.  Here is a little breakdown of what came in the box to help you get ready for the back to school season.

Cards-  This is a nice selection of greeting cards including birthday cards, apology cards, and cards with uplifting and inspirational messages.

Clips-You can never have too many clips. This can be used to sort papers or to keep your chips fresh!

Screwdriver- You never know when you might need to tighten a screw on the desk or fix a favorite toy. This little treasure has three different kinds of screwdrivers so you're prepared for anything.

Scissors - These are nice, heavy duty scissors. They even come with their own case. 

Pencils- These are awesome mechanical pencils with erasers on the tips. They come in five different colors.

Eraser-  Fix all those little  mistakes with this nice retractable eraser. It fits nicely in our pen holder right next to the pencils so we're not searching for it when we need it. 

Thumb Tacks & Paper Clips - This box came with a nice assortment of clips and push tacks in their own plastic case. They are painted in pretty metallic colors. 

Notes - I leave sticky notes all over everything, so this little packet in it's own wallet will definitely come in handy.

Tape Measure - Another handy item and I can never find mine when I need it. I'll make sure this one stays on my desk

Dice- These are Rock, Paper, Scissors Dice, and they are so much fun. You'll never have a flip a coin again to see who goes first. My kids just love these!

Even if you're not a teacher yourself, a  Teacher Peach box would be a great gift. Teachers spend a lot of money out of their own pockets for things like this Sending them one of these boxes would be a great way to give back.  To order a box for yourself or your favorite teacher, be sure to visit the Teacher Peach website. To keep up with new events and promotions, connect with them on social media.

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