Sunday, July 17, 2016

Movie Review: Legend of the Lost

I'll admit that this wouldn't have been my first choice of movies to watch. Given John Wane's most famous for his westerns (a genre I don't particularly care for), I have never really bothered to watch any of the films he's been in. However since my husband is a huge fan who has been trying to get me to watch something of his, I decided to give this one (not a western) a try. 

Legend of the Lost stars Wayne, Sophia Loren, and Rossano Brazzi as a trio of treasure hunters looking for a lost city that Paul's (Brazzi) father found. Wayne is Paul's tour guide, and Loren plays a shady woman who invites herself along because she likes Paul and his willingness to not judge her. 

Predictably, tension mounts as the group ends up in a love triangle as they get closer to the site of the supposed lost city.

I'll be honest and say that I really had a hard time staying engaged in this movie for a large chunk of it. It seemed a bit slow, almost to the point of making it too boring to actually follow what was going on. However, once they get to the lost city, that's where the movie really begins to get interesting. There's a lot of great emotional storytelling, and Paul in particular really sells his emotional moments as he makes some difficult discoveries. 

The scenery was great (especially the bits before they actually left on their journey and the parts where they were in the lost city) and, being shot on location, gives a great view of the Middle East and its unique architecture. I also appreciated the subtle humor that was thrown in throughout, played well by the actors. Subtle comedic moments are rare in today's cinema, so that was a refreshing change of pace. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend giving this one a try. I'm glad I did.