Friday, July 15, 2016

DISH debuts new Voice Remote today for $30

***This is a sponsored post***

When it comes to technology, I am usually a little impaired. In fact, my byline should be, "New Age Mama - The Most Untechy Blogger Alive."   While I completely love my DISH service, I usually have to call my son in to help me find the right button to press to find new releases or to figure out how to record a show.  When it comes to typing in the title of a movie--forget it. My fat fingers kept hitting all the wrong buttons.  Thankfully,  the brand new voice remote has solved all of these problems and more.

The Voice Control is really easy to use. It takes only a few quick steps to sync the remote to your current Hopper, and you can easily switch it from room to room if you wish. Once you're synced, using the remote is similar to using the voice command function on cell phones.  There is a little microphone button the side. Simply press that button, and tell the remote what you're looking for.  My family has had a lot of fun testing out the remote. It really does pull up anything. Here are a few examples:

I said "Homicide Hunter" and it immediately pulled up the next airing of one of my favorite true crime shows. I thought maybe a smaller channel like this might not work, but it did!

You can say "Horror Movies" and the remote will pull up a list of current horror movies that are available. Or try "New Releases" to get the run down on the newest additions.

Say "Netflix" and your Hopper will immediately load up the Netflix app. Also try something like "Leonardo DiCpario Movies" if you want to find a film with your favorite actor.

Say "Record This" and you can record the movie or show you just looked up. If you're currently watching something and need to step away, just say, "Pause".

These are only a few examples of the commands you can use. Whatever you can think of, it will pull up the closest thing available. For example, my four year old said "poop", and ironically it brought up a commercial for a presidential nominee that was airing on the POP Channel. But I won't get into politics and how suitable that choice was for his phrase. Let's just say, the Voice Remote and I have similar views on one of the candidates. Don't ask me which one.

This remote is just great. There is no more endless paging through options or trying to type in long titles. You can say anything in the mic and find it instantly. If all that isn't enough reason to love the Voice Remote, the price is yet another aspect to get excited about. At only $30, you can't ask for a better deal. If your old remote needs an upgrade, now would be the perfect time. To learn more about the DISH and all their services, visit or subscribe to DISH email alerts.  Also be sure to follow them on face book and twitter