Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New Product News: Justin’s Snack Pack.

Confection and Nut Butter Brand Offers Latest, Great Tasting
Product Innovation to Consumers Everywhere

 Boulder, CO. (March 2016) – Justin's, maker of naturally delicious, high-quality nut butters, nut butter snacks, and organic peanut butter cups, announced today that its latest product innovation, the Snack Pack, will debut on shelves nationwide starting next month. Available in three delicious nut butter and pretzel combinations, the Snack Pack provides convenient nutrition for kids and adults alike with 4-6g of protein for just 180-190 calories per pack.

“Crafting the perfect snack pairing is an art, and we knew we wanted to create the finest nut butter and pretzel masterpiece,” said Justin Gold, founder of Justin’s.  “We’re lucky to have such amazing consumers that provided the feedback we needed to produce the best possible Snack Pack experience. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to share this one-of-a-kind duo with snack lovers everywhere!”

Made with delicious, quality ingredients, this all-in-one pack is a unique offering to the snack set. One side Justin’s nut butter and one side delicious, wheat pretzels, it contains no hydrogenated oils and nothing artificial. Available in three mouthwatering varieties – Chocolate Hazelnut Butter and PretzelsClassic Almond Butter and PretzelsMaple Almond Butter and Pretzels – the Snack Pack is perfect for tossing in your bag or simply enjoying at home, providing a great tasting and convenient, protein-packed snack for all.

An isolated launch of the Snack Packs in 2015 validated the concept and allowed Justin’s to enhance the product to improve the overall snacking experience. Justin’s Snack Packs will hit thousands of grocery store shelves nationwide beginning in Spring 2016. The Snack Pack was custom designed for retailer ease with stand-up, peggable merchandising, and will be available for an SRP of $1.99.
About Justin’s
Justin’s makes naturally delicious, high-quality nut butters, nut butter snacks and organic peanut butter cups that deliver great taste, unique texture and convenient nutrition. Established in 2004 in the home kitchen of health enthusiast Justin Gold, Justin’s supports an on-the-go lifestyle and was the first nut butter brand to market nut butters in single-serve squeeze packs. Justin’s peanut butter cups are USDA-certified organic and are made with Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa. The nut butters are finely crafted with Justin’s one-of-a-kind grinding process to create an exceptional texture and flavor experience. All seven varieties offer a fiber-rich source of protein perfect for snacking anytime of the day. Justin’s Snack Packs are perfect for dipping, scooping and devouring and are available in three delicious nut butter and pretzel combinations.

My Thoughts:

Thanks to Justin's, I was able to try each individual Snack Pack they have listed above. All of them were rich and delicious! If you are an almond, hazelnut and nut butter lover like me, these will be ideal for your snacking needs! In addition to the wonderful flavors and choices, each variety is kosher and vegan as well. They will give you an energy boost and sweet yet healthy treat to make your day even more enjoyable! Upon opening, give each butter a good mix with your pretzels to get the natural oils mixed in. It will create a nice smooth product. I will attach pictures of each below, as well as my thoughts! 

 Justin's Maple Almond Butter

Justin's Maple Almond Butter gave a sweet surprise to the classic hearty almond butter flavor. This had very small almonds in it, while the wheat pretzels gave a nice crisp crunch. The pretzels were lightly salted and picked up the almond butter perfectly. If you love maple flavor or are just craving something sweet, this is the perfect snack for you! With only 190 calories and 5 grams of protein, you can't miss this!

Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut Butter:

I'm a little bit of chocolate hazelnut fanatic, so I instantly opened this sweet treat up, as you can see from my pictures. This Snack Pack did not disappoint! The hazelnut butter was rich, creamy, and very flavorful! This is a fantastic choice for anyone who adores chocolate. The pretzels were a wonderful touch. It's like eating chocolate covered pretzels without the guilt! This Justin's Snack Pack is 180 calories, 4 grams of protein, and unlike other chocolate treats, only 6 grams of sugar. Embrace those chocolate cravings! 

Justin's Classic Almond Butter:

You can never go wrong with a classic! Justin's Classic Almond Butter is rich, flavorful and very tasty! Almonds are my personal favorite in the nut family and I enjoyed the addition of the pretzels to savor with it. This Snack pack has 190 calories and 6 grams of protein. After a good mix, it's ready to enjoy! Yum!

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