Friday, May 6, 2016

Wisk is Celebrating their 60th Anniversary with a #Sweepstakes

Wisk has some exciting news! They just turned 60! This is a pretty big deal, especially since they were the very first liquid detergent on the market. I wasn't around back in 1956, but I've have been using Wisk for close to forty years. In all that time, I've never been disappointed in their stain-fighting power. My clothes always come up fresh, clean, and looking their best.

Even though it's their birthday, Wisk has been very generous with giving out gifts. My family got a little package that was a real blast from the past.  There was a jump rope, Mickey Mouse Pez Dispenser, and some real glass Coke bottles, all to help us get in the party mood. Of course, there was also a bottle of Wisk and even an official birthday tee! 

Now, you have the chance to win some birthday swag as well! Every week, you have a chance to win a six month supply of Wisk in the Wisk 60th Anniversary Sweepstakes! Each Thursday, they'll post a fun trivia question. Answer correctly and you'll be entered to win! Check out the complete rule here and be sure to follow them on face book so you won't miss the next question!