Saturday, May 7, 2016

Wild Kratts Wild Animal Babies

PBS Distribution announced today it is releasing four stories from PBS KIDS’ popular WILD KRATTS series on the new DVD “WILD ANIMAL BABIES.” What’s better than exploring nature and meeting amazing animals with the Wild Kratts? Meeting amazing BABY animals with the Wild Kratts, of course!  In select adventures on this DVD, the crew helps a very cute (and majorly destructive) baby elephant stay out of trouble, wrangles some playful lion cubs, and cares for their new pal, “Nubs,” a baby rhino.
WILD ANIMAL BABIES will be available on DVD May 3, 2016. The DVD run time is approximately 120 minutes and its SRP is $12.99. The stories included on this DVD are listed below.
Elephant in the Room
The brothers come across a lone baby elephant and bring him back to the Tortuga HQ for safety until they can find his mom. They quickly learn how mischievous baby elephants can be and get more than they bargained for when it almost destroys the Tortuga!
Bad Hair Day
Chris and Martin try to help a lion named “He Who Breathes Fire” get past obstacles and back to his pride, which is under siege from two intruder lions. 
Chris and Martin get caught in the middle of a zebra stampede, and when the dust clears, a lone baby zebra is left behind. The Wild Kratts must find the young zebra’s herd and return him to his mom.
Let the Rhinos Roll!
The Wild Kratts team is on an important mission to unearth why rhinos are mysteriously disappearing from the African savanna. They soon discover that Zach Varmitech has been kidnapping them to create new super Rhino Dozers so the creature adventurers devise a plan to rescue them – and it just might work!
WILD KRATTS transforms the Kratt Brothers, creators of the award-winning “Kratts’ Creatures” and Emmy-winning “Zoboomafoo,” into animated versions of themselves, allowing the real-life zoologists to visit wild animals in their little-seen habitats and showcase key science concepts along the way. From elephants using physics to suck gallons of water with their trunks to a fleet of peregrine falcons that harness the force of gravity to speed through the air, each episode of WILD KRATTS presents age-appropriate science inspired by the natural abilities of the animals that the Kratt Brothers – and young viewers – meet. WILD KRATTS airs daily on PBS KIDS (check local listings).

About Kratt Brothers Company
Kratt Brothers Company, founded in 1993, has created and produced more than 220 episodes of television, including award-winning series: KRATTS’ CREATURES, ZOBOOMAFOO, “Kratt Brothers: Be The Creature” and WILD KRATTS. Through its full service animation studio, Kratt Brothers Company is currently in production on its fifth season of the Emmy-nominated hit WILD KRATTS.   

Street Date: May 3, 2016
Genre: Kids
Run Time: Approx. 120 Minutes
SRP: $12.99
Format: DVD

Book Description: A Step 2 STEP INTO READING Science reader about baby animals. PBS's hit animated show Wild Kratts follows the adventures of zoologists Chris and Martin Kratt as the duo visits animal habitats around the globe. Along the way, they encounter incredible creatures while combining science education with fun. Boys and girls ages 4 to 6 will dive into this deluxe Step 2 STEP INTO READING leveled readers with the Kratt brothers as they activate their Creature Power suits to creep, crawl, and cuddle with amazing animal babies of all kinds! This deluxe Step into Reading leveled reader features animal trading cards and eye-catching foil on the cover. Step 2 Readers use basic vocabulary and short sentences to tell simple stories. For children who recognize familiar words and can sound out new words with help.

My Thoughts

My kids just love the Wild Kratts and all their adventures in the Australian Outback.  Not only is the show always full of entertaining adventures, they also learn a little about the local wildlife. This DVD includes there awesome episodes.

Elephant in the Mail Room- When the brothers bring back a lost baby elephant, it causes a lot more havoc than they expected.

Bad Hair Day - The brothers help a lion return to his pride. 

Zig-Zagged - A baby zebra is left behind after a stampede. 

Let the Rhinos Roll - The team set out to discover why rhinos are disappearing.

This is a great DVD with some of their best episodes. Any fan will want this in their collection. The accompanying book is just as awesome.  It's a Step Into Reading book so its easy for young kids to read along and learn about all the baby animals. My children loved them both and excited to see what the brothers come up with next season.