Friday, May 13, 2016

The All Good New Mom Gift Set

All Good—makers of organic skincare and healing products—just released their New Mom Gift Set, perfect for new moms and moms-to-be, especially during the hot summer months.  All Good products are free of harsh chemicals keeping mom and baby safe while nourishing and protecting their skin. 

The All Good New Mom Gift Set 
MSRP: $39.99 (save $13.46 now through May 8!) 
All Good Organic Hand Sanitizer 
All Good Organic Coconut Lip Balm 
All Good Organic Maroon Creek Tinted Lip Balm 
All Good Organic Coconut Oil 
All Good Organic Lavender Body Lotion 
All Good Goop (recently named #1 Bathroom Staple, baby will never have diaper rash!) 

Founded in 2006, All Good offers a collection of all-natural skincare products made from simple plant-based ingredients. From chemical-free zinc sunscreens and sore muscle recovery spray to silky smooth lip balms, lotions and coconut oils, All Good supports an active, healthy lifestyle with their organically grown formulas. Located in Morro Bay, CA, All Good is dedicated to social and environmental responsibility, is a B Corporation and member of 1% for the Planet. All Good endorses campaigns for safe cosmetics by testing its products on humans rather than animals. Available online and in 3,000+ retailers nationwide including health food stores, outdoor sports shops and high-end gift shops.
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My Thoughts

All goo has an awesome selection of product, and I just loved all the ones I got to test out. Here is a little out each one.

All Good Lips Tinted

The All Good Lip Tints are an awesome way to add a little color to your lips and still keep them healthy. They come in a variety of pretty colors. Some are very light and some are bolder.  Because they are made with natural herbs like calendula and lavender, they feel as good as they look. They leave your lips feeling soft, and they taste like a soothing cup of herbal tea.  They are SPF 18 so they will protect your lips from the sun in the summer just as well as they heal and moisturize in the winter.

You can't go wrong with organic lotion and this one is awesome. It goes on evenly and leaves her skin feeling rose-petal soft.  The cream is gentle enough to use even on sensitive skin.  The lotion goes on smooth, rubs in easily, and has no greasy residue. It comes in a nice squeeze bottle for easy access. The lave lavender  scent is light and refreshing. It's also cruelty free which is very important to me and my family. The All Good lotion comes in three fantastic scents in including lavender, lemongrass, and coconut.

All Goop

All Good Goop is a life saver for anyone with dry cracked skin. As soon as it gets cold and we turn on the heat, my hands always pay the price. They get chapped and irritated.  This all natural formula heals cracked skin without  leaving your hands feeling greasy.  It also works great on callouses on the bottom of your feet. If you have a baby, you can even use it to heal and prevent diapers rash. Its just a all around awesome product.

Organic Coconut Oil Skin Food

This luxurious deep conditioner made from food-grade organic coconut oil enhanced simply with fragrant essential oils. You can use it as a massage oil, scalp treatment, and after-shower body rub. This non-greasy formula leaves hair and skin looking great.It comes in it's pure state and in lavender and lemongrass varieties. 

Organic Lip Balm

This lip balm goes on smooth, prevents chapping, and leaves your lips soft and kissable.Applying this balm will shield your lips from the elements, and still give you a glossy shine.  It has a pleasant taste and leaves lips feeling wonderful,

Organic Peppermint Hand Sanitizer

Finally, a natural way to sanitize! I have always been against gel sanitizers that are made from chemicals I can't pronounce, especially when I have small kids who put their hands in their mouths. This keep us germ-free the natural way, and I love the fresh scent of peppermint!

All Good products are available online and at 2,000+ retailers nationwide, including health food stores, outdoor sports shops and high-end gift shops.  For the best  skincare for your family, All Good  is the obvious choice.


alissa apel said...

It looks like they have a great line of products!