Sunday, May 15, 2016

Father's Day Gift Guide - Dap Adhesive

Have you ever found yourself using a so-called “super adhesive” only to have the bond it created fail? I mean, it had one job, right?! DAP Products has a replacement for your not-so-super-glue – RapidFuse. DAP RapidFuse All Purpose Adhesive is the new go-to solution for all DIY projects, crafting and home repairs by bonding virtually everything to anything with unmatched bond strength. Not only is it 2X more durable than super glues, but it also sets in just 30 seconds and creates no mess. Application examples include:

-          Fixing broken toys, glasses, shoes, vases and other household items
-          Contractor installation of trip and accent pieces
-          Beginner and advanced hobbies and crafts

My Thoughts

If your dad is handy with his hands or likes to fix things up, than Dap Adhesive might be the perfect gift for him. This amazing glue is some of the best I've tried. I have a collection of goddess statues that I have been working on for decades. I also have four kids and three cats who like to break those statues. I thought two of them were destroyed for good before I tried Dap. I wanted to cry because both have been discontinued.  I tried multiple glues that were supposed to be unstoppable, but the pieces just fell right back off. With Dab, I was actually able to save them both,

This is the Goddess Brigid, and she's known for carrying a flame in her hand. My poor Brigid not only lost her flame, but a few fingers and an arm. With just a dab of Dap, she was back to lighting up my world, and my inspiration since she is the patron goddess of poetry.

This poor girl was my absolute favorite incense burner.  It was a spring goddess with her arms in the air.  One of my cats was a little too attracted to the incense smoke, and while trying to bat the smoke, he batted the goddess right off my bookshelf. The arms broke off in two pieces, and it was hard to get them to stay in place to try to glue them, but Dap got the job done.

I was really impressed with Dap Adhesive. With other glues, the pieces of the statues fell right back off within hours, but it's been a few weeks now, and they are still holding up perfectly. Plus, they look as good as new. You can't even tell they were ever broken. This glue a great choice for home products and would make a fun addition to any gift bags for dad.