Sunday, May 22, 2016

New Coloring Books for Adults from Barron's—Calm your mind, create something beautiful

Sweet dreams are made of these lavish illustrations. There are wildly imaginative images of dolphins and dream catchers, giraffes and zebras, city streets and jungle habitats, crashing waves and gorgeous mandalas, ferocious dragons and gorgeous fashionistas. Let yourself relax and unwind with each one, choosing your own color palette while you let your creativity take flight. The pages in this book are perforated, so you can easily pull out your completed designs and share, frame, or use them for decorations. Quiet your mind, create something beautiful, and find much-needed time to focus and dream with this beautiful book.

Now you can take your coloring with you! These uniquely formatted adult coloring books resemble a notepad in shape and size, and allow you to do your coloring at home or on the go. Perfect for those moments when you need a break or when you just long for a minute of inspiration to begin or end the day. Each book features an attractive foil cover, while inside, colorists will find 80 pages of one-sided illustrations, so today's work of art won't bleed through and ruin tomorrow's masterpiece in waiting! Color them in, decorate them to your heart's desire, and frame them for all to see. Each work of art makes a wonderful gift

These detailed and stylish bird portraits are simply crying out for your own unique splash of color. From majestic eagles to personality-filled puffins, to graceful hummingbirds drawn in such detail you can almost hear their wings flapping, every page gives coloring fans the chance to pick and choose the perfect colors for each of their exquisite creations. Once you've finished coloring them, it's easy to pull the pages out, display or frame them, and give them as gifts since each page is also perforated. Intricate designs pull you in, entertaining you for hours on end as you delve deeper and deeper into the magical world of The Aviary

Let your imagination run wild with this stylish adult coloring book that takes you on a glorious exploration of creatures big and small. It features a unique mixture of three color backgrounds (with colors that include black, gold, or blue) that enrich different environments, color palettes, textures, and the artistic look of each animal pattern. This first-of-its-kind "night and day" approach allows each intricate design to take on a life of its own. With over 90 complex images to explore and enhance, you'll create vibrant masterpieces of many animals, including the owl, horse, eagle, monkey, tiger, elephant, wolf, lion, and more

My Thoughts

Coloring is a favorite pastime of kids everywhere. We all spent hours during our childhoods filling page after page, sometimes with iffy results. Still, we had fun and it fulfilled our creative sides. Somewhere along the way, most of us grow up and feel that coloring books are a thing that we have to set aside as we take on adult responsibilities. I am steadily racking up my stock of adult coloring books. I absolutely love them. They take you straight back to your childhood, at least for me. As a kid I would color for hours with music playing in the background and it is still something I do today. They are much better than the kids coloring books that I play with with my kids. Now they can use their age appropriate books and I an use mine! 

The Aviary Book is my favorite because I love nature themed items. The Animals night and day book is also amazing because there are beautiful pictures of full-sized animals of various types throughout the book as well. These are easy to color, big enough to fit markers and crayons. I like to use colored pencils and skinny markers. The markers don't bleed through the pages, but even if they do they're blank on the back of each page.  Plus, the pages are  perforated which is great because the pictures are so pretty, I want to take some of them out and frame them!

The Time to Dream Coloring book is definitely quirky and unique. My six year old loves this book actually.  Each page is different and does feel like its out of a dream.  The designs are really easy to color. The art in each of these books is great. With so many options, there really is something for everyone.