Sunday, May 22, 2016

First Ever Shelf-Stable Probiotics Water – Support Digestive Health with Three Yummy Flavors

The word “bacteria” makes most of us squirm, but did you know there is such a thing as good bacteria? Probiotics, the healthy bacteria that lives in your stomach, is one of the biggest trends in the health industry, gaining even more popularity than the green juice craze! The primary method of taking probiotics was through yogurt or supplemental pills, but now, Karma Culture will join this $46 billion industry through launch of its brand new line of Probiotics Water.

In 2013, Karma hit the market with its line of Wellness Water, an innovative way of serving vitamin-fortified water that ensures that one is consuming the most nutrients possible. Water-soluble vitamins deteriorate over time as they sit on a shelf interacting with H2O, but with Karma’s “Karmacap,” consumers can peel, push and shake – dispensing the vitamins into the spring water the instant prior to consumption.

This new line of Probiotics Water is the first of its kind that provides a method for drinking probiotics along with the vitamins, thus supporting the immune system, enhancing digestive health and improving metabolism. Available in three delicious flavors – Blueberry-Lemonade, Berry-Cherry and Apple-Cinnamon – Karma Probiotics Water uses GanedenBC30 probiotics, which are among the strongest probiotic supplements on the market!

My Thoughts 

Probiotics have been in the know for a few years now and have only become more popular. From supplements to probiotic foods that encourage good healthy gut bacteria, everyone knows that probiotics are something that should be added to everyone's daily lifestyle. Probiotics help with gut bacteria (getting rid of the bad and encouraging the good), while also healing the gut from any bad foods eaten previously or currently. EndoMune also assists with properly digesting food through our system. On top of all that, one of the best things I know about probiotics and our gut is that with a healthy gut you are sick much less than "normal" so making this part of your (and your kids) daily regimen is a no brainer!

Karma Water is unique because it's the first every shelf stable probiotic water. It's actually pretty cool. The proboitics come in a power form stored at the top of the lid. You open it up, press down, and it's released into the water. Shake well, and then enjoy a delicious drink that will keep you hydrated and provide you with probiotics at the same time! My family really enjoyed these drinks. They come in unique flavors and don't leave behind any funky aftertastes.   They are a good size, and are very satisfying. If you don't like chalky supplements or dairy proboitics, these are a great alternative. Be on the look for Karma Probiotics Water in stores nationwide.