Thursday, May 5, 2016

DS Laboratories Post-partum Hair Loss Solution!

Many new moms are surprised to find more hair coming out in the shower or on their brush than usual in the first few months after giving birth. Post-partum hair loss is completely normal and rarely discussed in the beauty community. So let’s start a conversation about post-partum hair loss and a great solution for new moms to have thicker, fuller looking hair. The cutting-edge formulations in DS Laboratories Revita and Spectral are designed to stimulate hair while protecting existing hair from falling and thinning, resulting in longer, more luscious hair.

Revita High-Performance Hair-Stimulating Shampoo ($29.99 & Professional Salon Distributions): is a cutting-edge shampoo designed to stimulate hair while protecting existing hair from fallout.

Revita.Cor Hair Stimulating Conditioner ($29.99 & Professional Salon Distributions): is formulated with proprietary high-tech ingredients that enable the conditioning to continue for more than 24 hours after use, even under after perspiration.

Spectral.CSF ($31.99 & Professional Salon Distributions): is a hair stimulating topical specifically designed with a lighter touch for women to strengthen hair fiber and density for longer, stronger, thicker looking hair.

Spectral.DNC-S ($39.99 & Professional Salon Distributions): is a reactive therapy, hair stimulating serum for advanced corrective needs. Delicate materials are deployed in higher concentrations for higher performance with the two separate chamber

My Thoughts

I don't suffer from hair loss, but my hair has always been very thin and fine. I've tried tons of products to add a little more body to my limp locks, but Revita Cor provided some of the best results I've seen in the shortest amount of time. After using their shampoo & conditioner  for just under a month, my hair is shiny and healthier than even before. It even appears to be thicker. 

 The Revita High Performance Hair Stimulating Shampoo is one of a kind. Not only does it create thicker hair, it prevents further hair loss. The formula is very gentle with barely any aroma, so it's great for people who are sensitive to smells. It lathers nicely, and leaves your hair feeling sleek and clean. The conditioner is the perfect compliment to the shampoo.  The scent isn't overpowering, but provides a refreshing and relaxing aroma while your condition. It leaves hair soft and tangle-free.  Both come in a nice squeeze bottle that disperses just the right amount each time. 

I've only been using  these products for a little while, so I can't attest to the long-term affects, but in the short time I've had it, the condition of my hair has really improved.  The tips of my hair have gotten softer and shinier, and there are no more split ends. This shampoo & conditioner has helped my hair look the best it has in years. Plus, it doesn't wash out my color.  With this duo, anyone who wants beautiful hair can see results.