Saturday, April 23, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide - Green Tea Peel Off Facial Mask by 7th Heaven

There’s something so relaxing and refreshing about teatime!  Treat your skin to a drink of delightful green tea with the newest high performing, all-natural Green Tea Peel Off Mask, which channels all the goodness of the time honored, antioxidant-rich elixir to purify, tone and brighten complexions.  It also fights free radicals and removes toxins.  The peel-away format makes the mask naturally exfoliating and helps remove dirt, oil and dead skin cells in one 15 - 20 minute session!  SRP $1.99. Also cruelty-free and a member of BUAV/Leaping Bunn

My Thoughts

Facial masks are an old favorite for a little self-care. I got the opportunity to try these out, and I was overall pleased with how they worked out. Unlike a lot of the new masks I see coming out, this is a gel that you spread over your face instead of something resembling a Halloween mask. 

I'll warn upfront that, while it seems there is a lot in the pouch and you might (as I was) be temped to save some, don't. If you don't use the whole pouch, you end up with a mask that is almost impossible to peel off. Yes, I know this because I felt like it was too much at once. 

The mask itself felt nice when first applied. It's cool and soothing, which I think is a nice addition to a nighttime ritual or meditation time when you need to wind down. It (when you apply enough) peels off pretty easily, and left a nice glow to my skin after. Of course, the longer it's on, the tighter it starts to feel. 

An advantage of the gel masks over others is, it stays in place so you're able to do whatever you might need to do around the house while it dries. The other masks I mentioned tend to slip as you move.