Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Keep Your Baby Smelling Sweet with Baby Magic

 Baby Magic has always been one of my favorite baby care companies. I have four kids and I've used it for all of them. One of my favorite lines is the Lavender and Chamomile skincare. Lavender is one of my favorite essential oils because of its relaxing qualities, so I love finding new products that utilize it's healing properties.  The Lavender & Chamomile baby lotion smells so wonderful, I actually enjoyed using it for myself just as much as for my children.  It leaves skin feeling soft and it's gentle enough for babies or adults with sensitive skin.  The formula glides on smoothly and never leaves behind and messy residues. The calming scent is wonderful for a bedtime bath. Its soothing scent helps babies and grown ups alike to drift  to sleep easily and peacefully.

Of course, I also love their Original Baby Scent products. This is what you're really smelling when you cuddle a newborn and get that "new baby smell."  Trust me, without a little help, babies wouldn't smell quite that nice.  The Hair & Body Wash is another of my favorite products.  This formula is gentle enough that it doesn't burn little eyes or irritate baby's skin.  It also leaves  skin feeling rose-petal soft. It is even gentle and safe for a newborn's skin. It comes in a nice squeeze bottle for easy access, and can be used both to wash the hair and the body, making it a great two-in-one product. The light scent is perfect for both boys or girls.

In addition to the products I mentioned,  Baby Magic also offers a full line lotions, shampoos, body washes, diaper rash creams and more in a variety of scents. You can find Baby Magic in retailers nationwide including Target, Wal-Mart
, and Shop Rite. We all want the best for our babies. Give them the best kind of clean with the wonderful products from Baby Magic today.