Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How to turn your Mother's Day Card into a Gift with NoteCube

You're blinking faster and faster, your lip's quivering and before you know it you're getting teary. As you blink through the tears, you think to yourself how amazing it is that words on card can make you feel so damn emotional - it can be embarrassing, but ultimately, it'll feel fantastic and you won't forget it. After all, "tears come from the heart and not from the brain" (Leonardo da Vinci).

According to a recent study*, people may cry happy tears as a way of keeping themselves from getting too overwhelmed with good feelings, so if you've written something that made someone shed a few happy tears - that's pretty awesome! So let's find out what the best things to write in a card are and how you can turn them into an extremely thoughtful gift.

Here are 8 different things you could write about in a Mother's Day card:

1) MEMORIES Think of memories you've experienced with them that are packed with emotion - if you get emotional writing the memory, chances are they'll find it emotional too. Reminiscing can bring back so many good feelings.

2) INSIDE JOKES An inside joke is great evidence of a lasting bond. Try and think of some old ones, this will make them feel nostalgic and will unquestionably put a smile on their face (maybe even a few tears).

3) KIND WORDS Tell them what you appreciate most about them; how they always seem to cheer you up and are always willing to listen to your problems. Remind them of their best qualities; funny, wise, caring, helpful - they'll really appreciate it.

 4) POEM This is probably the hardest one to do but definitely worth it. It doesn't need to be long, or even that good, just make sure you put effort into it and they'll be able to recognise that.

 5) FUTURE PROMISES A future promise is always nice to hear and you can get really personal with these. Promising someone you'll forever be there for them is just wonderful.

 6) BUCKET LIST Write the things you want to experience with them; fly in a helicopter over New York? Go to the Everest base camp? Do a tandem bungee jump?

7) QUOTES Find their favourite quotes or ones you know they'll enjoy and put them on notes. Maybe even quote something they have said before - that could be fun!

8) LOVE This one is simple - just tell them how much you love and appreciate them. This is always wonderful to hear; at least one note should be dedicated to this.

How to turn your Mother's Day card into a gift

NoteCube is a box filled with beautiful notes that have been written for a special occasion, event or person - usually relating to a major event like Mother's Day, a wedding, birthday, celebration or anniversary. Notes are written on the website and once the last note has been submitted, they'll send them in a stylish keepsake box.

Using the 8 ideas above you could create a very special and sentimental gift for Mother's Day, you can do more than one note for each idea - they don't need to be long. Notes can be from many different contributors or just one person...it's basically a box full of happiness and joy! It was started by siblings James & Lauren Billingham (21 & 23) with the aim to offer a service and product that'll help people give a fantastically thoughtful gift. You can purchase one here.

Marcella Lico purchased a NoteCube for her Husband for their 20th Anniversary and had these lovely words to say; "Thank you for this amazing tool. It has made it so incredibly easy not only to share the link but for people to submit their notes. I know I've shed a few tears reading them that i can't wait to see Paul read all the beautiful words that have been sent. Again a huge thank you!" - Once she had received the NoteCube she told us; "He absolutely loved it and worked hard at trying to contain his emotions but in the end, failed miserably! It was incredibly touching watching him read note after note! Thank you so much for all your hard work and for helping me give him such a beautiful gift! There are truly no words!" Another lovely person purchased a NoteCube for their Mother's 50th Birthday, Sue had this to say about NoteCube; "My mum absolutely loved the NoteCube, haven't seen her smile and cry that much in a while! It's now sitting on her coffee table and I swear she opens it every day...thank you ".

Hopefully these ideas will help you, just remember to enjoy it - writing can be wonderful!

*The study on crying: http://news.yale.edu/2014/11/11/why-i-m-so-happy-i-could-cry-makes-sense