Saturday, April 23, 2016

Doomsday from Mill Creek Entertainment - #Giveaway

(2012) - Color - Not Rated
Starring: Eriq La Salle, Anne Heche, James Brolin, Sean Patrick Flanery
All it takes is a glitch in the system of our lives to expose our deepest fears. What happens then? The answer comes in shock waves when an unprecedented conspiracy pitches the West Coast into total darkness.
After being charged with hacking into the Pentagon security system, computer-whiz Josh Martin is kidnapped during house arrest and delivered to a shadowy criminal known as Charles Keller.  Requested to hack into the state’s highly advanced electrical system and shut it down, it’s clear what Keller wants—total chaos.  When California goes dark, he gets what he wants. And tonight, no one will be prepared for what’s about to happen.
Agent Strickland of Homeland Security’s Cyber Terrorism Division fears the worst. So does Beth, a news director sticking dangerously close to the largest disaster the country has ever faced. City by city, the West Coast is blacking out as looting escalates and the worst impulses of man are unleashed. As bedlam reigns, an expert squadron must determine the conspiratorial source of the blackout while civilization fights to survive the night.
Featuring an ensemble cast that includes Emmy and Golden Globe nominee Eriq La Salle (E.R.), Emmy winner Anne Heche (Men in Trees), Emmy and Golden Globe winner James Brolin (Category 7), Billy Zane (Titanic), Sean Patrick Flanery (The Boondock Saints), Bruce Boxleitner (Tron: Legacy) and Haylie Duff (Napoleon Dynamite), Blackout is not just a miniseries event that strikes at our deepest and darkest fears—it’s a cautionary thriller for a paranoid age.
(2009) - Color - TV-14
Starring: Billy Campbell, Marla Sokoloff, Christopher Lloyd, Stacy Keach, Jason Alexander, Michael Rooker
Two massive rocks, tumbling debris older than the solar system itself, collide in space. The course has been altered. The target is Earth.
In a remote observatory, Dr. Lehman (Emmy winner Christopher Lloyd, Back to the Future), discovers a meteor approximately three times the size of Mount Everest barreling its way towards Earth. His devoted young assistant Imogene O’Neill (Marla Sokoloff, The Practice) feverishly types in the coordinates only to find the previously identified meteor named Kassandra is headed their way. It’s only the beginning of their troubles as showers of smaller meteorites begin to lay waste to major cities around the globe.
The impending disaster brings out the best and the worst sides in people as they cope by either lending a helping hand or taking advantage of the situation. In a small California town, a Police Chief (Golden Globe Nominee Stacy Keach, Prison Break) struggles to calm a panicky group of citizens. Miles away, his son Jack, a Detective (Golden Globe nominee Billy Campbell, Once and Again), finds himself caught in the middle of the most difficult arrest of his career with the ill-timed transfer of a very dangerous psychopath named Stark (Michael Rooker, Guardians of the Galaxy). Then there’s the skeptical Dr. Chetwyn (Emmy and Golden Globe nominee Jason Alexander, Seinfeld) who may be the only chance Lehman and O’Neill have to get their findings to the proper authorities in time to deflect Kassandra.
Time is running out in Meteor, in which eye-popping effects, explosive human drama, and hair-raising action combine to create a suspenseful, thrilling and dramatic new miniseries event from RHI Entertainment.
(2007) - Color - Not Rated
Starring: Tiffani Thiessen, French Stewart, Faye Dunaway, Eric Roberts, Vincent Spano

What happens when the deadly strain of an unknown virus multiplies second by second, person by person? What happens when an entire city is put under a government sanctioned quarantine? What happens when the source of the virus is as elusive as the cure? What happens is a Pandemic.
At the Center for Disease Control, epidemiologist Dr. Kayla Martin (Tiffani Thiessen, Beverly Hills 90210) and her partner Carl Ratner (French Stewart, 3rd Rock from the Sun) receive a frantic call from a flight attendant high above the Pacific. A nineteen-year-old male passenger, en route to Los Angeles from Australia, has died following a raging fever and violent convulsions. Vehemently concerned about the symptoms, Kayla orders all passengers quarantined upon their arrival at LAX—a decision at odds with Mayor Richard Delasandro (Oscar and Golden Globe nominee Eric Roberts, Runaway Train) who suggests the only outbreak will be one of panic. The CDC considers the frightening possibilities—the reality of the bird flu, the probability of a biological attack, or worse, a new virus they can’t control.
By the time the passengers of Flight 182 are filtered into the ward of a local hospital, the infection is already poisoning sections of the city, unbeknownst to each victim who passes it on. While Ratner and FBI Agent Troy Whitlock (Vincent Spano, Alive) work with Australian officials to find the source of the virus now dubbed “Riptide,” a media manipulation of the human interest angle fires up an ACLU attorney who exploits the “unlawful quarantine” to satisfy her own divisive political agenda. Only Kayla and her team know the unavoidable facts. The virus is spreading, and so is the panic and the fear that it can’t be stopped. From a Los Angeles morgue to a foul, death-ridden apartment complex in Australia to a beach shack in El Salvador, the hunt is on for Patient Zero. Time is running out.
Featuring Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe winner Faye Dunaway (Network), Pandemic is a timely, frightening and all too real human drama. The unavoidable facts of hard science and intense, gripping suspense are combined for the most absorbing miniseries television event in years.
My Thoughts
There's something about a good Doomsday story that has always entranced me. The idea of surviving  such turmoil is exciting. With this awesome DVD, you're given three different doomsday scenarios, each more entertaining than the next.
Blackout - In this movie, the heroes are faced with life after a blackout. It's so easy to take our electricity for granted. It's such a basic part of our day. But when the lights go out, the worst aspects of humanity are revealed.

Meteor - a massage meteor is hurling towards earth and threatens to wipe life off the planet. Scientists frantically search for a way to redirect it while panic ensues.

Pandemic - This movies is probably the most terrifying of the three. A virus runs rapid and threatens to wipe humanity right off the planet. It starts on a plane, but spreads quickly. Without a cure, humanity could be wiped out. 
All three of these movies left me on the edge of my seat., especially since each one is a scenario that could really happen. These aren't left field sci-fi. Science shows these things could actually occur. These are the type of movies that I can watch over and over again, and will take notes on for my own doomsday preparations.  You can never be too prepared because as these movies show us, anything can happen.

The Giveaway
One lucky winner is going to receive a DVD copy of DoomsdayTo enter, just fill in the Giveaway Tools form below. This giveaway will 3/1/16 and is open to the US only. The winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to reply. Thanks again to Mill Creek Entertainment  for offering this fantastic prize. 


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I would love Maid in Manhatten. I love that movie, it's so cute!

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I would love to see this THE ALIEN FILES, sounds pretty interesting
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I would love to own First Features Collection Featuring Early Performances from Hollywood Stars.
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I would love to win I know what you did last summer on blu ray!!

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I like The busy world of Richard Scarry.

aperry said...

I like The busy world of Richard Scarry.

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I'd like the In the Time of War documentary.

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I would love to own Lonesome Dove,my mom and I loved that movie and it follows the book very well.

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I'd like the Bewitched DVDs...loved watching that as a kid :-)

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I would love Bewitched. Patricia

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I would love to own Married with Children The Complete Series on dvd. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win. Bernie W BWallace1980(at)hotmail(d0t)com

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I would love to own the complete series of the TV show Party of Five! And this Doomsday movie is my favorite genre! I love post apocalyptic stories, I really hope I win this, thanks for the chance!

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I would like Postcards

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The Three Stooges Collection my husband would love it

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I would like to have the DOUBLE FEATURE BLU-RAY D.O.A., CONSENTING ADULTS set.

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I think my kids would love My Science Project

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100 Movie Collection
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