Friday, April 15, 2016

CD Review: René Marie's "Sound of Red"

While not much of a Jazz fan, I decided to give this one a try. So glad I did! From the first note to the last, René Marie's voice was a pleasure to listen to, powerful and rough at times, while soft and clear at others. There is one note in particular that she hit in "Go Home" that made me gape in disbelief. It was like hearing old-school Mariah. 

The CD opens with the title track, which I thought was a great way to kick things off, as she urges the listener to "listen to the sound of red." It's a slow number that talks about how sometimes we're our own worst enemy as we succumb to our normal imperfections. 

The tracks go from soft and slow to loud and energetic, with beats that make the listener move and smile, even when the lyrically content isn't exactly light. That contrast appeals to me. I also like how she can transition from an obvious jazz vocal in one to a softer, almost pop/R&B sound on another. 

The CD ends with "Blessings," a soft track that slowly gains power as the narrator wishes blessings on the listener. I thought it was a great touch, and a nice way to close things out. I would recommend this one to jazz fans, or those who are looking to expand their musical tastes.