Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Real Co Review

The Real Co honors its Irish roots by celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! Throughout the month, The Real Co is encouraging individuals to participate in the Irish tradition of the “wearing of the green”, dressing their food with vibrant green ingredients! As the base for all recipes, The Real Co asks folks to use their certifiable, 100% Single Origin products, including: Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, Organic Raw Cane Sugar, and organically grown White Basmati Rice.

The Real Co is a pioneer in Single Origin foods, where they honor the pact of transparency and never play-up the integrity of their sourcing. The Real Co promises its consumers a clear understanding of the source of their food, the methods used for farming, & how it is packaged & delivered. Honesty & trust is something that they take very seriously and are extremely proud to achieve!
The Real Co Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, handcrafted, in the Himalayan Mountains. This salt is 100% pure, 100% Single Origin, non-GMO; is unrefined and mountain washed in Himalayan mountain water, packing a whopping 84 active minerals in every grain! Mineral rich salt has far-reaching health benefits including reducing blood pressure, preventing muscle cramping, strengthening bones and more. 

The Real Co Organic Raw Cane Sugar, directly from Assukar Farms, Tayutic Valley in Costa Rica is 100%natural and organic, 100% Single Origin, non-GMO, and contains many natural vitamins & minerals.

The Real Co White Basmati Rice, directly from Gujrat Punjab from Farid Co-op Farm, is 100% natural and 100% Single Origin, low-GI & pre biotic, and non-GMO! The Real Co White Basmati Rice was farmed using no additives, no chemicals, and no pesticides.. The Real Co White Basmati Rice is a “super grain”, containing all essential Amino Acids and folic acid, and is gluten free and cholesterol free!

Our Thoughts

I love whole foods! It is so important to eat organic and especially non-GMO foods because they are filled with chemicals that are very unhealthy for us! The Real Co is committed to providing the best ingredients!

The packaging is very eco-friendly looking. The sugar and rice packages have lips on them that you can roll down and tuck behind to save for later! I noticed the sugar would get kind of clumpy but it'd loosen up as soon as I shook it. I simply stored it in a less humid area of my kitchen and that solved the problem.

The rice is delicious! It takes way more water than conventional rice does but it's well worth the effort. I am not the best person at making rice, I leave that up to my husband, but this turned out great. There weren't any leftovers at all!

I could go on and on about Pink Himalayan Salt. Real salt is crucial to our body's well-being and this container is huge!! This will last me for months because it's much more potent than your typical table salt that you buy at the store. Who doesn't love a little pink sprinkled on their food anyway? It's fun!!

You can't beat The Real Co with their real food and ingredients! This is an affordable brand that should be in everyone's kitchen. I love knowing it's in mine and that I'm providing my family with the best!

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Reviewed by Jackie