Saturday, March 26, 2016

ONYX Body Chain Review

Started as On-Stage performance wear by songwriter and recording artist Dani W to express creativity, spread love and to live passionately.  Accessories designed for dynamic women both on and off stage.  ONYX XOXO is seen on local independent artists and everyday lady superheros battling the office and the boardroom.

The warm weather is coming--flirty dresses, bathing suits, tanks and shorts. All you need are the perfect accessories. ONYX xoxo has the most fabulous necklaces that clip to the straps of your bikini top or tank--creating a super cute (and sexy!) look. Compliment it with one of their adorable bracelets and you're ready to rock and roll.

Our Thoughts

This is a fun item to wear, especially for summertime and a bikini. It can also be used as a necklace. Depending on your body size and clothing choices you can wear this differently. It doesn't fit my body shape very well, I am rather busty and it kind of just lays on my chest where I'm not exactly wanting to draw attention.

It also doesn't spread out like in the photos, it bunches up and the middle part is not taught. I tried to clasp it differently to the straps but it's pretty difficult to when you're wearing it and it just slid down anyways.

The chain is rougher than I imagined but it does shine pretty well. The center gemstone is a little off centered and it doesn't look as well made as I expected it to look.

I wouldn't use this if I was trying to have it look nice and classy but it definitely is a good fashion piece to have fun with but that does make it a bit on the pricier side for just a fun piece.

Different styles and different body shapes I'm sure have a lot to do with it, they are definitely cute looking!

ONYX has other styles of body chains too!

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Reviewed by Jackie