Thursday, March 3, 2016

Let the kids have fun with Footbubbles

Funtastic Limited released Leo Messi FootBubbles, a fun and uniquely challenging take on the game of soccer. Let’s face it: kids love bubbles … and kids love soccer. Now kids can blow bubbles into the shape of a soccer ball, and with special socks, perform tricks with a bubble ball … just like their world famous soccer idol, Leo Messi.

It’s great fun for kids … and it’s so easy. The bubble solution is formulated to create large bubbles that bounce off the specially designed Messi socks. Slip on a pair of socks and let the magic begin. Children can juggle FootBubbles solo or keep the bubble bouncing for as long as they can with friends. The more they play, the better they get. Practice and perform tricks like “Around the World,” “The Twirl” and the “Back-heel Tap.” Or kids can create their own tricks to emulate their favorite soccer stars. Using FootBubbles, they improve hand-eye (and foot-eye) coordination and get great exercise.

The Leo Messi FootBubbles Starter Pack includes: two Messi socks (one size fits all), one bubble blower, one solution tray and one bottle of bubble solution. The bubble solution is safe for children and non-toxic. The Starter Pack is available in one of four colors (red, green, blue and orange) for $19.99 at retailers nationwide, including Toys R Us and K Mart, and on Amazon. For more information, visit

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My Thoughts

I like the concept of Footbubbles. It gets kids playing and trying to keep the bubble on their foot. It comes with a piece you blow through to make the bubble large and set on your foot. You're then able to kick it around, but like a bubble, when it touches the grass or ground it pops. It took a few tries of making bubbles, getting them on the foot, then kicked it up VERY gently and catching it with your foot again.

My kids did have fun. They laughed a lot while playing with it. My son really liked the socks. They might have been his favorite part. It comes with enough solution for a few times of play. The bubble formula is meant to make large bubbles and it did. Roughly the size of a soccer ball is the largest we were able to get made. I spent most of the time making the bubbles and they played with them.

My complaint is, while it was fun, it is bubbles and they pop a lot. My kids would get a little frustrated when they missed the bubble. This promotes coordination and they didn't give up right away. With warm weather coming soon, this product would be good. A way to get the kids outside. It can always be used in an open space inside. It isn't messy, since it's just bubbles. But a child needs room to move around as they play.