Monday, March 28, 2016

Fairy World - A Beautifully Illustrated Journey into the World of Fairies

"It is true that children are most likely to glimpse a fairy—for it is they who have the gift to look and listen with believing eyes and ears. But, the world of fairies is open to anyone who truly wants to explore it, and I hope this book—the result of many years of research in far-flung locations, as well as in the woods and skies around my home—will show you that in the fairy world, not all is as it seems."

S. A. Caldwell

Royal Institute for Fairy Research (RIFR)

Discover their legends and lore

This beautiful book, illustrated with sophisticated and stunning computer-generated art, delves into the legends of fairies often portrayed in ancient mythology, folktales, classical paintings, and timeless literature from around the world. Riveting chapters explore a wide range of fairies, including the nature-loving sylphs, flower fairies, and nymphs, as well as the evil trickster banshees, shapeshifters, and more. 

From enchanted forests to moonlit meadows . . .

Follow the author as she tracks these elusive and ethereal creatures to the secret places where they sing and dance. Children will love poring over the gallery spreads filled with fantastic images of fairy wings, locks of hair, and enchanted flowers. Extracts of letters, diaries, and notes let you piece clues together as you follow them into their magical world.

About the Author:
Stella A. Caldwell is the author of this highly successful series which includes DragonworldDinoworld, andBeastworld. Stella spent her childhood years in Scotland and South Africa. She studied English Literature at Edinburgh University and taught English in Prague before moving into book publishing as an editor. As a children's editor, she has project-managed titles such as the number one New York Times best seller Pirates, Fairies, and Mythological Creatures. She has two young children and lives in Oxford.
About the Illustrator:
Ryan Forshaw discovered that he had a flair for art and computers during his rehabilitation for a spinal cord injury that left him a paraplegic. With the help of a specially outfitted computer that Ryan uses with his head and mouth, he became an illustrator and CGI artist. He works in the fields of publishing, music, and on the web, and has won numerous awards from digital imaging magazines and online contests. 

My Thoughts

Fairies are so magical and this book arrives just in time for spring, which is their favorite time of year. This delightful hardcover book gives you an intimate look into the world of fairies.  You will meet the different types of fairies including leprechauns, selkies, and brownies, view their kingdoms, and  learn all about their enchantments, blessings, and curses.  You'll see the trees that the fairies live in, the magical gifts they leave behind, and the various colors of their wings. There are even instructions on how to summon certain fairy folk. Towards the back of the book, there are some case studies including clips from actual newspapers.

I really loved this book. It's a quick read as far as the written content goes. I was able to read the whole thing in just a few hours. The illustrations are simply stunning. They are so detailed, the creatures described take on a life all their own. I could page through this book over and over again. My children really enjoyed it too, and love looking at the pictures. At the end of this book, you may start to question whether fairies are really a myth or very real beings hiding in the shadows, waiting to show themselves to those who are worthy.