Saturday, March 19, 2016

Book Review: Paper & Tape: Craft & Create

Learn how to transform washi tape and paper into beautiful stationery, giftwrap, home decor, gifts, and more--all with just a few simple tools!
Paper & Tape: Craft & Create is full of unique and inspirational ideas and step-by-step projects that are perfect for washi tape crafters of any skill level. From birthday cards and DIY coasters to paper puppets and wall art, this engaging book is packed with helpful tips and beautiful photographs of finished work. Inside you'll discover how to "draw" and "write" with washi tape, make your own cards and envelopes, build pretty washi tape collages, and more. This book also features "Mini Make" projects that show you how to turn five common craft materials into innovative projects using washi tape. Full of inspirational instruction, sophisticated artwork, and myriad ideas to explore and build on,Paper & Tape: Craft & Create is sure to spur endless DIY and craft projects and spark hours of washi tape fun!

My Thoughts

I love washi tape. I don't even want to admit to how many rolls of it I have around the house. It's one of those items I am always buying, but always wonder if I will ever finish a roll. Thanks to Paper &Tape: Craft and Create, I've got some new ideas on how to use the tape.

The book is packed with ideas and the instructions on how to make the items, so you're not left in the dark. It's a big book and I really like the binding on it. The pictures are gorgeous. They are bright, colorful, and eye catching. The pages are smooth to touch and pretty thick, so you don't have to worry about them tearing.

I also really liked in the back, they put templates in it. So some of the projects, you can go to the back and get the template. Such as with the homemade gift tags. They had a variety of sizes as well. If you're a crafter and lover of washi tape, or know someone who is, they will want this book.

If you have the book, check out some more templates for downland HERE.